Play 20,000 hands per day for a future best

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kevin_thurman_portrait.jpg"Playing 20,000 in hands a day isn't easy, but it's most definitely not the hardest thing a grinder will ever do".
(Play 20,000 hands per day, is not an easy thing, but this is definitely not the most difficult thing that a grinder will have to do).

Here are the words of a player not banal at all; Kevin Thurman alias
WizardOfAhhs on PokerStars a young 31-year-old American Lyme disease reached.Lyme disease may manifest itself through a series of effects taking the form of skin rashes and flu-like symptoms in mild cases and, in severe cases, of very marked symptoms affecting the joints, heart and nervous system.

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This disease and the
chemotherapy did not prevent Kevin mount his poker bankroll to more than 2 million until today. He began by making a deposit of $ 500 playing with cash games heads up $ 0.25 / $0.50. Almost every month, Kevin Rose limit up on tables "nose bleed" where he lost a few feathers. Subsequently, the young man made a promise always have a very strict bankroll management and never play higher than on tables $ 25 / $50.

But Kevin is still further. Until next December, he wants, of course, continue to earn dollars on the poker tables online, but it also aims to be the first players to earn 4 million PokerStars VIP. To do this, Kevin must condition to play 30 tables simultaneously for six consecutive hours. And his day will not stop there. It shall, after a break of 30 minutes, repeat a similar session of 6 hours to allow him to play about 20,000 hands per day if it wants to achieve its goal.

For an excellent player of poker in full health and regular playing thousands of hands per day, it is quite an achievement. But when more you shall suffer the effects of his chemotherapy, it is a feat out of the ordinary. As Kevin noted in an interview with a member of the PokerStars team: "I know that several people healthy might not even realize that I'm trying to accomplish. I know that the road will be long and painful, but this suffering will ensure me better days coming. It is an investment in my future I do today".

PokerCollectif wishes him the best of luck in his draft.


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