Poker USA: LiveAce is legal in 32 U.S. States

Since Black Friday, online poker to the hard lives in the United States and Americans are private online poker until new laws are adopted. But today, we bring you good news. a new online poker room is now legal in 32 States! Obviously, this is surely not what you expect, but it's still a start.

Its name? LiveAce! The room is accessible for free or a subscription fee (to get more privileges). You can gain money through an auction system (explained further in the article). It is this auction system that allows it to be legal in 32 U.S. States (31 over the District of Columbia).

Basically, you win some chips (a bit like play money), but these tokens have the particularity to be exchanged.

Offered limits are 1/2 up to 25/50. Each day, you can you be credited with 400 tokens (for the standard free account). If you want to get more chips (to play higher limits or to not have to wait 24 hours before having again 400 chips), you may have a paid registration. From $ 2.49, you can get more chips per day and LiveAce also offers a subscription privilege for $ 19.99 per month. This subscription will give you several advantages (more tokens, avatar custom, historical hands, etc).


The tokens you earn are named "Live Chips" (LC) and can be exchanged for real money real thanks to a bidding as mentioned above.

Every evening, opened an auction for $ 500. Players have the opportunity to make a bid for part of their chips for a portion of the price - for example 200LC for $ 50. A few minutes after the close of the auction, the best auctions are paid real money.

If your bid was unsuccessful, your chips you will be credited back to your account.

To collect your funds (if you win real money), you can request a check or use Dwolla.

For more information on the site, you can watch this video:

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