Poker on Facebook: the scam of the 10 M free chips

zynga.jpgWhen attempts to rip off 40 million people at a time, no need to have a high percentage of effectiveness that our scam became lucrative. Forty million is the number of users of the application Texas Hold'em Poker this on Facebook Zynga group which we have already spoken a few times. It is by reading the blog of the company GFI Sunbelt last Wednesday that you have been informed of the new.
Two techniques have been used for this scam; the "spamming" and "phishing".

To be sure that everyone makes the distinction between the two, spamming can be defined as "the misuse of an electronic messaging system designed to deliberately expose and generally repeatedly its users to messages or to contents irrelevant and unsolicited, often by making them confused with messages or usually exchanged content or sought by these users".

The "phising" about him or phishing in french is "a technique used by fraudsters to obtain personal information to commit identity theft. The technique is to make the victim that it is addressed to a trustee Bank, administration, etc. in order to elicit personal information: password, card number credit, date of birth, etc. It is a form of computer attack based on social engineering (security of information). Phishing can be done by electronic mail, sites Web falsified or other electronic means".

In the first case, the users received an email telling them that they were entitled to 10 million free chips to play on Zynga Poker.

The second scam was a banner incorporating the same offer of 10 million free chips with the graphic environment of Zynga Poker. All finally to believe that it was an advertising campaign in good and due form.

The final objective of these scammers is to obtain personal information about you to resell this information to various commercial organizations. Scammers encourage you also to download useless software (for you) which will slow down your computer and will sometimes viruses or "adware" or malicious software.

By doing a search on the Web, I realized that many sites offered free chips to play on Facebook. I have not made large research, but say that my sense critical me warned quickly as each time, or almost that it was big scams.

When you have doubts about something, please feel free to ask the opinion of the other members on the forums of PokerCollectif. Better ask 1 question that may seem stupid 1 once of being scammed.

Discuss this news by clicking on the following link: scam on ZyngaPoker .


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