PokerStars could withdraw from the market


This is what Alexander Balkany, Executive Director of PokerStars recently announced (June 29 last to be exact, when the second edition of publishers of online services).

Yet, today, since the implementation of the Agency's Regulation of games online (ARJEL) in France, PokerStars represents 40% of the french market and appear to be viable.

The reason for this assertion? The mode of taxation on online games no longer appropriate to him. According to him, the company is hardly viable with such a system of taxation: "the economic model is not viable, and long-term vision is rather negative if things do not change ' explains.

Further he adds: "in the current state things, most players play and more we lose money. Players lose two times faster because of the rake. There's a real problem in the eco-system of poker, because the big players eat beginners. Cannot long continue in these conditions. We lose money on half of our tables. Suddenly, we are forced to reduce our offer, and big players go play on .com domains. Jean-François Lamour, 10% of poker players are 80% of the total turnover. If the law does not change, the big players will leave and the market will collapse. And if levy does not evolve, it will be always impossible for operators to make money.

For his part, Senator François Trucy, which should publish a report on the issue within a few weeks, said: "so that everyone can pay tribute to the success of the law, need to correct certain defects, significantly improve the activity of online poker to avoid migration and expatriation of players, support the sports betting market that floundered quickly", and ensure that the betting market maintains its density and its good results.

He finished by stating that the law will not be changed before 2012, which should not be the case of Mr Balkany. Further details will be published on PokerCollectif as soon as they become available.

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