PokerStars wants to enhance the fast poker exclusive

Full Tilt Poker was the first room to launch its fast poker she had named "Rush Poker". Following this innovation, (a little jealous) PokerStars also wanted to have his fast poker.

It therefore consulted lawyers to determine if the technology was patented. After study, it was determined that Rush Poker did not meet the criteria necessary for obtaining a patent, which was a good thing for them.

From this moment, PokerStars was able to work to implement its form of fast poker where Poker Zoom was born. Other rooms then wanted to follow fashion.

Recently, Pokerfuse and relayed an interesting statement by Paul Telford, the head of the Legal Department of PokerStars: "we review Rush patent and will examine them in relation to patents of Zoom to ensure that we have an overall protection in the field of fast poker. If necessary, we will use these patents to protect innovative elements of the two products. We work closely with our consultants to develop a strategy for enhanced protection for our patents."

This announcement did not fail to react Per Hildebrand, CEO of InstaDeal Poker, pointing with irony akin to his eyes to a reversal: "what is fun, it is that PokerStars lawyers have first concluded that the product was not patentable because the room has launched Zoom." And today, they are preparing to support the contrary."

Obviously, today, now that PokerStars has 2 rooms equipped with fast Poker, she no longer sees things differently!

The decision could come back to justice, but it is not tomorrow the day before that there will be a clear decision in this regard. Meanwhile, other poker rooms will continue to work on the development of this form of fast poker!

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