Prahlad Friedman destroyed everything in its path: TakeChip and included Tiltman!

prahlad_friedman_detruit_ses_adversaires_sur_pokerstars.jpgA player on PokerStars draws particular attention since the month of September: Prefontaine .

Since September 1st, Prefontaine won nearly 900,000 playing particularly hold ' Em without limit with blinds of $ 50 and $ 100. In a little more than 40,000 hands of NLHE10000, he won $ 750,000! He has won nearly $ 300,000 only playing barely more than 5,000 hands, destroying among other Richard Lyndaker aka nutsinho . His biggest pot has been won against Nutshinho on the following hand:


Prefontaine hit a set and managed to avoid the 14 outs of Nutshinho, who had a double-belly gutshot + flush draw

Also, two members of the forum were not spared by Prefontaine: TakeChip has been relieved of more than 80,000 in less than 4000 hands while Tiltman has lost $ 70,000 in a little over 1000 hands.

The player behind Prefontaine is not confirmed, but it is believed that he is the player Prahlad Friedman.

A few hands between TakeChip and Prefontaine:

Takechip loses nearly $ 30,000 in semi-bluffing Préfontaine on the flop/turn, trying to bluff the river

Takechip loses almost $ 20,000 by hitting top-pair & top-kicker + nut flush draw vs. the flush of Préfontaine baby


A few hands between Tiltman (Negrovente1) and Prefontaine:

A catastrophic turn for Tiltman made him lose $ 36,000

Tiltman loses $ 17,000 by out of the pot

Can Préfontaine continue on the same pace much longer? Is this just a straw fire or there risks to see the same results as he harvests already at FullTilt Poker under his pseudonym Spirit Rock ? It will be interesting to continue to follow Friedman...

You can discuss this new by clicking the following link: Prahlad Friedman destroys everything in its path... TakeChip and Tiltman included!


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