Purple Lounge is bankrupt!

People who have recently visited the site www.purple-lounge.com had a bad surprise in reading the message that appears on the home page. According to the message, the activities of Purple Lounge, owned by Media Corp, can no longer continue and therefore, the site is in bankruptcy. President and CEO of the company, Adam Fraser-Harris, found errors in the accounts of the company which made the operational continuation of Purple Lounge is impossible. Purple Lounge has seen the proportion of its shares decline by 75% over a period of 12 months.



The site was closed abruptly last month, even without prior notice to its players. Consequences? Bankrolls of players are taken hostage and according to the latest information received, you shouldn't be optimistic to review your money if you were ever funds on Purple Lounge. More conservative rhetoric argue that the future of the funds of the players is uncertain, but your chances to review the color of money are very low. Media Corp says still work very hard to find options that will minimize the loss of players.

Recall that in 2009, Media Corp had loaned 1 million pounds sterling to Purple Lounge to help it get back on its feet. Purple Lounge is under the authority of the LGA (Lotteries & Gaming Authority) and it is frustrating that nothing could not do to prevent the ship from sinking so. The biggest losers in this story will obviously be the players. The LGA stipulates that the money of the players must be in a different chest of money used for the management of the company. Unfortunately, it seems that this was not the case in this story. Players wanting to contact the LGA to get support will be reply about this: "given that Purple Lounge has more license from the LGA, we cannot help the players to settle their dispute with the operator mentioned".

Another story that will diminish the trust that people have towards games operators online.

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