Return on Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

viktor_blom.jpgThis week, a name that the poker community has heard a lot is Viktor Blom, Swedish for 20 years who is already a legend in online poker. It is particularly known for having transformed a deposit of $ 2000 in a bankroll of 2 M$, nothing less.

He made his debut on iPoker. In a few weeks, he had already accumulated more than a million and a half dollars and decided to make the jump at Full Tilt Poker. And away from him the idea of going bumhunter; He wanted to play against Durrrr,

Antonius and Ivey. He is also known for having been involved in the biggest pots in online poker history. He won a pot over 1 M$ against Phil Ivey (Blom argues that Ivey is the tougher opponent against whom he played) in Omaha.

The day before, he lost a pot in the 7 numbers against Antonius:

It is regarded as the world's elite hold ' em without limits, but is deemed less strong in Omaha (thing it found to its expense).

Isildur1 especially done talking about him that his identity has always been mysterious. Even if several people suspected that it was Swedish Viktor Blom, no official source could not confirm this. In this regard, he said: "I didn't simply no good reason to speak to the media.
About his young career, he said: "I had difficult days. But I'm not worried, I know that I can still make money even if it knows its weaknesses: "I need to learn to be more patient, to drop a bit more hands". During his ascent, he lived with his parents and did not speak to them its gains or losses. Everything was kept secret, which may explain a bit why he wanted to silence his identity.

For the curious, Isildur is a fictional character in the universe of the Earth of middle of J. R. R. Tolkien. He appears in the Lord of the rings, the Silmarillion and the tales and legends unfinished.

For the future, Viktor Blom wants to play more live tournaments. He confesses to not be comfortable in live tournament and he wants to work on this weakness. In response to people who ask him advice, he insists on having a conservative approach at the level of the bankroll management, even though, he says, laughing, "it is not something that I have practiced myself.

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