Security issue on Cake Poker

PokerTableRatings website has published a security issue on CakePoker.

The Cake Poker network uses a XOR encryption mechanism, much less safe as SSL encryption (which is considered as the standard in the online game industry).

PTR has thus been able d intercept and decode the name of user, l alias, the password in addition to the seat number and the players cards.

With a video posted on Youtube , PTR could demonstrate that wifi WPA2 encrypted connections and wifi non-secure connections were particularly at risk.

PTR published a table to quantify the risk depending on the type of network:
Type of network level of risk
SEVERE non-secure public wifi network
MODERATE to high secure public wifi network
Public network cable moderate
Home non-secure network moderate
MODERATE to low secure home network
Home low cable network

PTR and PokerCollectif against so players to CakePoker change their password and immediately stop play on the network CakePoker both and also long CakePoker n has not made patches that s necessary.

CakePoker has been notified of this security flaw and the fact that they write on their website as they use a "256-bit TwoFish" encoding, which is likely not the case.

Lee Jones, formerly the Director of PokerStars and CakePoker Director since May 2009 (October 2003 to April 2007) and CardRunners (April 2008 until early 2009), confirmed the fault of its network security. CakePoker thus reviewed their deadlines for the development of their software in order to put priority to resolve these security vulnerabilities. CakePoker n not mentioned when they will be able to correct the situation, but estimates range from a few days to two weeks.


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