Super Satellites on Sunday on Espacejeux

I think all PokerCollectif players know what a satellite tournament: an inexpensive way to access a large tournament. Instead of making money, you win a seat to a tournament at highest buy-in! This is an ideal format for the smaller bankroll to play tournaments to which they could not access.



Sunday Satellites exist on Espacejeux since 18 December last and this, until February 12, 2012. They are held every Sunday at 14:00 and are at a cost of $ 50 + $5.  Bets increase every 15 minutes and a 5 minute break is given every hour. To win your seat, you must win the Super satellite. The player who finishes second also won an admission when 2 seats are guaranteed or when the pot reaches an amount sufficient to provide a second seat.

If $ 50 is still too much for your wallet, you can participate in the mini-satellites scheduled every day at 6:45 and 9:15 pm as well as Sunday at 10 h, 11 h and midi. Each mini-satellite allows you to qualify for the Super satellite to the Sunday immediately following.

The next SuperStallite will be held on January 15. To win a seat to a tournament in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The player who wins the tournament wins his buy-in to the event ($1600) and pocket money to pay for his hotel and his aircraft ($900) worth $ 2500. 1 seat is guaranteed for the event. For each 50 participants, there will be an added seat.

The following week, January 22, a seat will be awarded to a tournament that will take place in Palm Beach, Florida at the Kennel Club casino. The winner won his entry ($1600) as well as $ 900 for Pocket money.

We wish you the best of luck if you decide to participate in these satellites!

To view the complete schedule of these tournaments, go to the following address: Super Satellites on Sundays

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