Ultimate Beat, new documentary on the scandal of the super-users

A new documentary is currently in production on the Ultimate Bet scandal. To date, still no actor of this scandal was arrested and many questions are still outstanding.

For example, how the pros like Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke were aware of what was happening at UB?

Could he do something, say something?

Several topics are covered in this documentary and several personalities from the world of poker have been interviewed.

There are already several months ago that the authors of this documentary work on this project and it is today that we are entitled to this trailer.

The documentary is not yet completed and the authors always accept testimony concerning this scandal. If ever you think you can bring relevant information in this folder, you can write to the authors by visiting their web site at: www.doubleheadpictures.com



Recall that in this scandal, the POTRIPPER player had a VPIP incredibly high and was a huge winner on the site. Obviously, then, we learned that this player saw the cards of his opponents (the so-called one "super - user").

This incident was very bad for online poker. Not only for players who have lost money, but also for the poker online in general, for the confidence that people have towards the poker rooms online. Even today, many people believe that online poker is "faked", that it is not assi honest than live poker and poker sites make sure to create the action on the table to increase the rake.

An incident like this does that strengthen the clichés and feed and fatten the urban legends, unfortunately. When confidence is low recreational player to online poker, it's the economy of online poker that takes a shot.

To see the trailer:

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