Update: Phil Ivey record still stands

jp_kelly_wsope.jpgPhil Ivey can sleep peacefully... at least until the next world series!

John Paul Kelly went right by becoming the youngest player to win three bracelets of the world of poker, record series belonging to Phil Ivey.

After a table final exciting and while there remained only 3 players, John Paul Kelly has taken things in hand by removing himself the 3rd player and in finding themselves in advance with a serious option on his 3rd bracelet. Scott Shelley, a British amateur player, did not make him gift although Kelly is widely favourite. Quickly, the two players are exchanged tokens. Shelley then ended up with a 2:1 advance, but Kelly won an all in preflop with his Lao against the K2s of Shelley, and hostilities resumed more beautiful.


Shelley then began to apply constant pressure on JP Kelly.

Then, after winning a few pots, the fateful hand came to pass:

Shelley revived first in 47 k. After a good 20 seconds to scan Shelley, Kelly announced that he carpet. Shelley again looks at his cards, and then called the update.

Shelley showed a pocket 3, while Kelly had a QJo.

The flop, to the delight of Scott Shelley, was 3-5-8.

The chances of Kelly was thin: only a runner-runner sraight could save him. The turn must therefore be absolutely a 9 or a 10. Unfortunately for him, his hopes have soared rapidly while the dealer has returned a 7.

JP Kelly may be consoled in is remembering that it just won nearly 83 000 GBP, or nearly $ 130,000 us. It can also comfort because it still has another year and a half before reaching the age where Phil Ivey won his 3rd bracelet: it will be yet again lucky, twice rather than a record of Phil Ivey at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 2011 and the World Series of Poker Europe at the end 2011 also.

You can discuss this new by clicking the following link: John Paul Kelly passes well nearly beat the record of Phil Ivey

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