New book: Positive Poker

A new title comes from published by D & B Publishing: Positive Poker: A Modern Psychological Approach To Mastering Your Mental Game.

The book was written by Dr. in psychology Patricia Cardner, in collaboration with the tournament pro player, Jonathan Little.

According to the author, all poker players that she interviewed are agree they will play better or worse depending on their State of mind. The "A-game" will be played when their State of mind will be perfect (well slept, ate, happy, not stress outside, confident, etc.). But very few of these players are able to control the frequency at which they will be in this state of mind.

According to the testimony of players, the best possible mindset will happen at random and the players are not necessarily able to explain why yesterday they played their A game and that today ' today, they are playing their game B. The author explains that, the player can make this state of mind no longer randomly and tries to teach us a lifestyle and a way of thinking that will ensure that this "A-game" and this "best state of mind' occur more and more often. Obviously, it is unrealistic to think that 100% of our sessions will be played under the best conditions in the world, but it is possible to ensure play his "A game" more often than in the past.

The author adopted the strategy that she calls 'Positive poker'. That is what the 'positive poker'? Simply focus on what is good (a form of positive reinforcement).

All poker players have weaknesses and flaws in their game. All are also aware (aware of certain defects, but not necessarily to all their fault). How to solve this problem? Just working on his game obviously. Even if everyone is aware of these simple premises, few players will put the work required to correct their weaknesses.

So much for the 'negative' side. There is also the forces of players and it is important to know. Why am I a good poker player? What are my strengths and how can I exploit them as possible to succeed? That is what I am doing better than my opponents? It is important to be aware of.

The combination of the two methods (work its weaknesses and focus on strengths) is probably a part of the key to success in poker.

Several books have already been written about the mental aspect of poker, but what is interesting with this book is that it addresses themes of several of these together works (metagame, tilt control, attention, flow of the game, mental training, to set goals, motivation, adaptability, concentration, control of itself, etc).

The book includes testimonials, examples of participants who worked with the author, exercises and tips to improve his game, its concentration, attention, etc. Patricia was also mental coach for many poker players. Before, she had to take a coach to turn to understand the peculiarities of the poker. As she explains, when working with a mental coach, it is essential to ensure that our coach includes all aspects and subtleties of poker so it can properly do its job.

According to the author, working his mental game Poker will ensure that you'll have more success at the tables, but also in life (obviously, a healthy diet and doing meditation will not only have positive influences on your life in general). This isn't a secret, but a happy person will have more success in poker as an unfortunate person.

At the end of each chapter, Jonathan Little will give his comments on the chapter you just read, which will give a little more pragmatism to the book.

If you have already read The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler for example, you will find a good compliment with this book.

A useful and enjoyable reading for all poker players, from the beginner to the Advanced player.

The book is available in electronic format (mobi) at the following address at $ 14.95: buy Positive Poker on DanbPoker.

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