Review The Six Figure NL System: Crushing 200nl in 2011

The DailyVariance Publishing House has released some time ago a series of videos entitled "The Six Figure NL System: Crushing 200nl in 2011".

This series which has 8 chapters was carried out by the 6max player 'IRunLucky' on PokerStars. This player is known to regulars at PokerStars who play the NL200, NL400 and NL600. Since last year, he is a winner of more than $ 100,000 and defeated the (mainly the NL200) limit to more than 7 big blind per 100 hands, which is clearly outside the norm.

The first chapter is of a duration of ~ 45 minutes during which the author gives us 30 stuff which, according to him, will help us to become a winning player. It comes here much more psychology of game than stuff like "widen your range button when the blinds are recreational players".

Obviously, many of these recommendations will be evidence for some of you, but you will not be without learn nothing from these tips. Merely to know before playing and assess his best time to play poker is something important. Personally, I got banned to play in the evening, something I was doing in the past. Today, I have a pretty good knowledge of me to know that I tilt much more in the evening, I'm less attentive and that I play less often my Agama (and by extension, I make less money). All these details are important even if some the neglect.

Chapter 2 is a chapter dedicated to the game against regular says "monkeys", in other words, players who are thoughtless aggression or bad aggression. Poker is a game where you have to be aggressive to win hands, but aggression must obviously be placed in time and suitable locations. For example, it does not bluff a player with a "went to showdown" that touches the sky, it's going from either. This aggression must rather serve to make folder the best hand to a player who has almost never set foot in the showdown, fear of having to confess that he doesn't have the best hand.

Chapter number 3 is devoted to the blinds. Any player who watches his tracker will realize that he is losing when he plays on the SB and BB, but some players are losers too blind to be winning players. Correct its set of blinds can be the key to becoming a winning player if you are such a loser 1 regular or 2BB per 100 hands or less. Do not make the mistake to say: "I am losing the SB and is standard, I turn to something else". We must obviously become less losing possible.

Chapter 4-6-7 and 8 are sessions that the author reviews. Sessions are between 6 and 9 tables and are between 45 to 60 minutes in duration. The reviews are comprehensive and the author gives us a lot of details about the reasons that had pushed it to make a play. It's video as any video that you can find on websites of strategy. Finally, Chapter 5 is a work of analysis of his game with Hold'em Manager. For those who know, this video looks like work that Alan Jackson made in the majority of his videos on BlueFire Poker.

In closing, what is this series is worth $ 300? I am not sure, but this is not because the series is bad, instead (the author is a winning player whose explanations are clear and precise), it is very well done and really interesting. But between a subscription to a site of videos from strategy and the purchase of this series, I think I'd go more with a subscription to Leggo, DeucesCracked or BlueFire poker for example. If the series sold rather $ 75 or $ 100, it would become easier to make call.

The video series is available at the following address: The Six Figure NL System in Daily Variance.

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