Review of Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Volume 2: Strategies for Multiple Streets by Will Tipton

The second installment of Will Tipton was long-awaited. First announced at the end of 2013, the book was announced for April 2014 and then may 2014.

This is today it is available in Kindle and paper on the Publisher's website.

Recall first that Will Tipton is a player of sit' n'go heads up. Its graphics posted on Twoplustwo give us confidence: a winning player of long date with a curve upwards, without too many swings.

The first volume of the book was very well received in the community. PokerCollectif had made the magazine during its release and many of our members were thanked for this suggestion (which is rare). One of the few books that interested Poker GTO (Game Theory Optimal).

But what of volume 2? And at the outset, we note that it is not a book for beginners at all (the beginner to however the embarrassment of the choice in bookstores).

And known as the table of contents (Estimating Mixed Equilibria with Matrix Games, A Philosophical Note on the Program of Solving Sub-games). Seen immediately with the complexity of the securities, the author speaks to an informed public.

With regard to the quality of the book, volume 2 has the same standards as volume 1. The reading is difficult, dense, technical, but very beneficial and accurate.

The author questions the theory of optimal to play to exploit his opponents heads up. His works detail the means to get there.

The book is divided into 8 categories:

1 - Preliminary

In this section, it comes back a little back on the first volume and to refresh their memories on the game on the river. In addition, the author will give tips to estimate the GTO strategy in certain situations.

2 - Game on the turn

In this section, there is interest in the game on the turn relatively to the game that has been done on the flop and the upcoming street (River). We focus also bet-sizings and the Nash equilibrium in some situations.

3 - Bluff, prints and value bet the turn

A little more details on the game at the turn. When bluffing? When bluff - catcher? How to play his prints at the turn? In short, more information on the game at the turn.

4 - The initiative

Here, a chapter on the initiative with all that it implies (having the initiative, do not have it, the change of the initiative in a hand, etc). Several examples are given for better understanding of the concept. This section will also deal with the donkbets.

5 - The game on the turn on the volatile boards

More practical section of the game on the turn with several different examples of boards "volatile". A note also on how to anticipate the river according to the action at the turn.

6 - The game on the flop and the dynamics of the c-bets

Rewind by analyzing the flop. Here, the chapter just have moved air (you have imagined earlier in the book), but the author will specify its choice of place later.

The menu, 3bet pot, pot, the dynamics of cbets limp and a few lessons and conclusions.

7 - The game preflop

Same thing here, the author explains the reasons that do place the game preflop after the game on the turn. One question here on the sizings of opening and the game deep and short stack.

The last two sections are one in our opinion because they are a conclusion of the work (Putting it all Together). Put all together if you want. In this section, some general suggestions on your game. For example, when abandoning the small edges because the situation is too marginal, how to play such and such type of opponent, adjustments to make, etc.

The author ends the book on a few summary comments from his two books.

As you guess by reading this brief overview of the book, lots of content that will be targeted to advanced players.

PokerCollectif highly recommend this reading for all serious gamers. Whether you are a player of cash game, tournaments or sng, working your heads up game is in your best interest.

For the SH players, this is a great way to solidify your game and master a style more loose (since the fact of playing heads up requires us to play more marginal hands and us out of our comfort zone). For the sng and tournament players, remember that there is always a big gap between the 2nd place and the 1st place (especially in tournament) and that the fact of mastering your heads up game will certainly add to your profits over the long term.

A few words about the author

The author is a player of poker winning for a few years already. He began to play in 2007 and is today the heads up specialist highly regarded in the community of 2 + 2 ("yaqh" on the forums).

As soon as the first lines of the book, we see that the author has a very intellectual approach to poker. He tries to describe in detail what is the heads up game, without falling into redundancy or shadow. Will Tipton is currently working at Google after finishing his doctorate.

Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Volume 2: Strategies for Multiple Streets by Will Tipton
Paper version: 424 pages
Publisher: D & B Publishing; First edition (May 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978 - 1909457034

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