Review of the book cards on table by Jonathan Poker_John Duhamel

After his victory at the 2010 WSOP, Jonathan Duhamel published way fairly early, a kind of autobiography in the Éditions de l'homme. To give an idea of the work, look first at the chapters that comprise:

Chapter 1: The passion

Chapter 2: Trust in so

iChapitre 3: A computer in the head

Chapter 4: Stay in her bubble

Chapter 5: The mastery of emotions

Chapter 6: Discipline

Chapter 7: Perseverance

Chapter 8: Psychology

Chapter 9: The knowledge of self

Chapter 10: The desire to defeat

Chapter 11: Nerds of steel

Chapter 12: Caution

Chapter 13: Endurance

Chapter 14: Creativity

Chapter 15: Intuition

Chapter 16: The ability to decide

Chapter 17: The chance

Chapter 18: The experience

A question that might arise is, "Even if Jonathan is not yet 25 years old, is it appropriate to publish his biography"? In our opinion, Yes, since it is not strictly focused on his life, but rather on the life of a passionate poker player, on his passion on the qualities that make a good poker player to a poker player. This book may be useful for all players who are approaching serious poker. Somehow, Jonathan makes us discover his "mental game": to think what a real "grinder" and poker enthusiast and what are the habits that make you arrive what happened. Looking at the chapters, we can see what makes up a winner.

In particular, the work, passion, perseverance and also luck, of course! A chapter of the book is reserved for each of these points and opens highlighted with quotes from famous players that summarize the thinking of Jonathan.
Cards on the table tells the beginnings of Jonathan in poker, his "up and down", his good shots, the fact that his parents were not in agreement with his choice of career (what parents would?), his studies and several anecdotes in the course of his young career as poker player. Several poker hands are also being told.

The book is well dosed and is making it a pleasant reading. It alternates between life story, highlights, tips, poker hands, etc.

Jonathan answers many questions that could arise upon him, such as, how does he live his victory in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker on a daily basis? So very humble and modest because for him, his win of 2010 is not an end in itself, but a start of something great.
For Jonathan, winning a bracelet at the WSOP is just a beginning because its ambitions are much larger; He wants to prove to everyone that his achievement is not only due to chance and he wants to Excel at poker on the longest period of time possible. He wants to win some tracks, he wants to travel again, he wants to continue to represent Quebec at poker on the world stage (which he also did very well during the last CAC).

A chapter which we particularly interested is the one where he comments on hand the most important its WSOP 2010 (surely the most influential hand of his life) then that he has released Matt Affleck with her DD who made a straight on the river against the Affleck AA.
In this regard, he comments:

"I had a very difficult decision and I had put a lot of time to announce it - a big five minutes that had seemed an eternity to me. The cards which saved me were: J (it remained about two), 8 (it remained four) and K (remaining 4). In all, 10 cards of the 44 remaining in the game, either a side of the pot of slightly more than 20%. Another reflection item that must be taken into account: I had to invest 11 million chips for a possible gain of 30 million either of three for one, and a advance colossal on my opponents for the number of tokens, if I won the pot. What was also much weighed in my decision was the fact that, if I lost this hand, I had even a few million chips, although obviously, this loss me would have greatly weakened. Finally, it is worth repeating-, there was always a possibility that Matt bluffing."

Everyone on the forum has probably seen this hand while Matt has calle 4bet Duhamel with AA. The decision referred to Jonathan is on the turn while the table is Td - 9 c - 7 h - Qd.

The only annoying in the book is the fact that it is not Jonathan himself who wrote and that some words have a few times the air of not too well "fiter" in his mouth, especially when hands of poker are told. Other times, the style is a little too literary. The publishing house chose a bit more chic style to the spoken style. In other words, literary style takes away a little to the authenticity of the writing.

Jonathan is the first Canadian to win a prestigious title at the WSOP and enter in his bubble, in his world, his head of passionate poker player is something interesting. For poker enthusiasts who are very interested in the psychology of the player, it is an interesting read. Winning at poker is not only to have a technical game, but it is also with the other qualities which talks about Duhamel. Without them, the success will probably never come. Short, the book of Jonathan brings a brick more to the already immense architecture of the poker books.

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