A noise machine

Tommy Angelo
By Tommy Angelo
Alex is a noisy machine. Wherever it goes, regardless of what he does, he leaves behind a mess of noise. Lead is a contest. Popcorn is an event. All poker hands are proof.

Scott, the Manager of the poker room of Lucky Chances, said Alex that he is "a good test for my employees floor. Albert Einstein reportedly said "Living proof." that the disorder is intensifying

Don't make me say what I did not say. Alex and I are best friends in the world. It makes me trust and is a man of confidence, enthusiastic, nice, pleasant, and it is also a great poker player. But he leaves his emotions to the surface, such as a string, ready to attack.

We have something interesting to a last road trip to Vegas. We were playing 20-40 at the Mirage when we hear, "tonight, the tournament rebuy starts in 15 minutes." We take a quick look.

Alex tells me, ' why you'd not in the tournament, we could be 50-50. Which means, 'I think you should sign up. Can I have half your shares? "I agree with the 50-50.
The structure of sheet is somewhat familiar to me: Limit Hold'em, $60 buy-in. Everyone starts with $500 in Tournament tokens. Table of 30 minutes. All rebuys and add - ons are $40 to $500 in chips. Rebuys are unlimited for the first hour when there are less than $500 in chips. All players can make add - on at the first break.

I try to see poker as life and to adopt a simple K.I.S.S. (Keep it, stupid) approach For example, I always wear shoes Converse basketball low platform. So, I can buy 10 pairs when I'm fine and feel safe for the future. I have city pairs of identical bas I have purchased in the last 2 years. Less than growing up, I won't have to worry about my bottom for a long time.

When it comes time for rebuys, it's the same as with the shoes; I always do the same thing:

(1) I do not sit before my first big blind. Then, I do a first rebuy. (Chip leader!)

(2) I always take the add - one at the break.

(3) this is important: if I'm a little higher in chips than the minimum allowed to make a rebuy, I always go to see the flop.

If you think that it is a weird thought, you're right. It is weird and not reflected. I do so to not have to think too.
Poor Alex. If only he knew this. We have never spoken of rebuy tournaments because it does not play.
The Tournament Director announced, "Last hand before the break." Alex approached me and eagerly I tells him a quick history of poker at the break.
The limit was $25-50 and I had $ 575. According to my plan, I was going to either win a pot or lose $ 100 so I can make a rebuy.

I was on the button. Two players limp. Alex touched me shoulder wanting to say, "Let me see." So we watched all two cards from the corner of the eye. I had 73o. Alex lost interest, meaning almost to the other players: "my friend has nothing. Let's do it now. »
When I called before the flop with 73o, Alex began to make strange noises with his mouth. Which meant: ' are you dropped on your head? '' He could not see my smile.
The flop fell: some important-important-bit regardless. I had no pair and no draw. The first player misa, another play called and obviously, I known.
It was doubly wonderful. All I had to lose was another $50 and I was going to be $475 to make a rebuy and an add-on, ready to fight after the break. I was trying to maximize each token.

The turn brought an another "regardless". The players were all "check". I checkai, willing to bet $ 50, regardless of what was going to happen. Maybe I'd make a pair and was going to have the best hand, or perhaps could I bluff to save a rebuy.
Meanwhile, Alex was nervous for real. It hit my chair for a while and then turned around the table for a while looking at me. A chance that I had my CAP to protect me from this ray of sunshine!

The River was a 7. The first player checked and the next player misa $50. I called, leaving me $475 in chips and the chance to win a pot. Perfect. Then the first player decided to check - raiser and fit to bed the second player, leaving me last to speak on the river and I slept my pair of 7.

A knee in the ratings, a slap behind the head of the ash in my ears. Alex did not know what to think. This is a great emotional.

He looked at me and said: ' good fold is not it? "