Reciprocity of l information

By Tommy Angelo
I play poker on the basis of a need to know. I have a need to know what my opponents think. I have a need to know what they feel. And I have need to know what cards they play.

"My secret is that I keep the secrets."

I play poker on the basis of a need to know. I have a need to know what my opponents think. I have a need to know what they feel. And I have need to know what cards they play. However, I have needs which they know as little as possible on me. J calls this relationship: the information war.

The information war fought on two fronts: l sending and receiving. To win, you have to send less information that your opponent sends you, while receiving more d information it receives n. By controlling these differences, you control the flow of the information. C is what he have to dig to find l gold of reciprocity.

On the Internet, the information war leads in a vast land of statistical software, timing tells, chat, Forum, etc. Offline poker is played at a table, c is why I l called "poker table". Poker table is always accompanied by images, sounds, d smell and lyrics. C is an orgy exchanges information. The remainder of this section focuses on l exchange information table poker.

The muscles

Consider the human body as a means of communication that uses the muscles to disseminate the information. It is not always easy to determine what is responsible to control the muscles. Sometimes we are, sometimes they are the muscles themselves who are. The more control we have on our muscles, the more control we can have on the reciprocity of the information.

The face

Human beings humans have twice the facial muscles that n matter what another animal. The favorite explanation is that in the past, the facial musculature facilitated the silent communication. The best communicators had better chances of survival. It s therefore is the big batch of genetics. Whenever Mother Nature had a choice between two genes, one that favoured the facial musculature was automatically selected.

Now, generations and mutations later, we faced 40 facial muscles connected to the other so d send subtle signals, and we can disconnect. The only thing we can do is d try to convince them to remain quiet when we need to love the team! During a poker hand, the brain can say "shit!" Then, the moment where the s face about to say the same thing, the brain must whisper emergency in the face: ' wait! Be quiet! Do not move a muscle! »

When this happens, we have a poker face. Poker face is a knee-jerk reaction to situations in which the said body d brain stop to launch messages. L gold of reciprocity goes to who is the best Act d instinct, by express.

The hands

The game is played, tokens and cards must move. To do this, it is human beings who must move. Where there is movement, there is the information. A small earthquake of the hand can sometimes reveal something. Alternatively, this could be how to manipulate tokens, to distribute the cards lie. Sometimes, it does s is almost nothing, but there's always something.

However, the movement of hand, revealing far more than d information is one that shows the cards l opponent didn't show.

The mouth

Here we have a collection of muscles that send l n using information not only expressions, but also sounds. And not only no matter what sounds. Words. Phrases. L high-level information. Here is good news for the researcher d gold of reciprocity: it there no rule obliging the muscles of the mouth to move during a game of poker. You have the right to remain silent.

My teachers

I can say that silence is universally more profitable than the noise. I can no longer say that l stillness wins always on the move. I can say that less worry, win you. But I can tell you a story.

J had l used to mix my until chips to feel pain in the hands. My legs were shaking so much that my shoes were predictable traces, such a misaligned car. For months, for years, I installed in one casino and j so much talked about at the table as j in got the welcome Committee, the captain's table and the waitress interpreter both. Even with all that movement, with all these words, I was still able to pay my rent and my groceries with my poker winnings. J was still miles of my opponents in the war of l information, because what I was not saying and what I was not doing.

I did not show my hands. I didn't speak of the hands. I switched my euphoria and my disappointments. I disclosed all the information possible, except those affecting the poker. J learned this way of playing because whenever j went to Las Vegas, I smack me to two kinds of players: those who m frightened and those which do not m frightened not. Naturally, I wore more d caution to those who m frightened. The thing obvious what they had in common was their sinister way have l air s fuck. This m terrified at the highest point. So I copied them and j learned their skills. More I like them, more I was aware that what j learned of my teachers was how to play j called sixth street.

The sixth street

The sixth street begins when the updates are complete. Sixth street begins when the players relax, which is paid not to do. Reciprocity.

Sixth street occurs when statues become fountains. When it comes to play the turn and the River, players are impassive, they give the best d themselves to send the least information possible. Then, as soon as the updates complete, they begin to move, disseminating l information in relation to their thoughts, their feelings and their cards. The sixth street begins when the players drop their guard, as it was now safe to reveal secrets enemy l d State. C is as s they n were unaware that the information war still raged.
In the course of l information, sixth street is a reliable place to look l gold.

"Mum poker.

Larger bombs and thicker bunkers are the result a military arms race. A zoological arms race leads to exceptionally well camouflaged prey and predators that can spot them anyway. The war information Poker has an arms race. Someone who pushed to extreme l, what j did, should come to play in a style of poker that I named "mum poker", what I'm doing.
Exterior l, mum poker, is the traditional poker face, extended to the whole of the body, and now until the sixth street. The Interior, mum poker is the absence of complaints, blame and regret. Mum poker, c is the impassivity. Mum poker, c is be ready end. If you want to practice it, you must imagine the mum poker as absolute zero, the suspension of the movement. You can access knowledge in theory, but it is an approach almost inatteingnable.

Or you can simply imagine as a result of s sit down and shut up.

Today, when I play simply for profit, I play to the way mum poker. I am wearing a ballcap without sunglasses and inscriptions. I n never comes into Visual contact. I am never, if it is to meet someone that m sent to Word. In this case, I do not respond to the question and don't make any comment about the poker. Thus, when I am focused on the game, j sends less information. When j use the poker mum, I am struggling to find l gold of reciprocity on the two fronts of the battle of l information, simultaneously.