The worst game ever, part 2

By Tommy Angelo
Thirteen years ago, my career had become too little profitable. I needed to be able to count on an income. So I left the group to become a professional poker player. I was playing the small limits without rake, in houses, apartments, churches, after the bingo or any other place where was the action

What would happen if I did? What is the reason?  I asked myself these questions.

I talked about the idea of bedroom as my friends. After their expected astonishment, our discussion has added two other reasons sunset ACEs:

  1. To make it lie more easy.  Perhaps if I layer once ACEs before the flop, it will be easier for me to fold my hand the other times, especially when I feel beaten and I know that going to bed is the best game to do.

  2. To make the worst game ever made to Hold'em without limits.  Here, a reason that proves I'm really crazy.   Billions of decisions have been taken preflop to Hold'em and I intend to take the worst of them.
In May 2003, I was in Vegas in a part of $20-$40 with a friend who was aware of my plan. I had a pair of ACEs. My friend is lying just before me. I raised. Both blinds called. The flop fell 8-8-2 and I lost against an 8. And I remembered that I could fold this hand just after my friend. My quest would have been completed and I was a witness.

A few days later, the same thing happened with a different friend sitting to my right. He is lying and I had ACEs and I forgot to sign and going to bed. The board fell K - J - x, 10 x, and I lost against a straight.

A few days later, returning to the House and passing through the Mojave desert, I remembered my plan down ACEs. Maybe was - this better if I kept this story for me. Maybe I should do it to see if I can and not tell anyone. And that would be my big secret. And anyway, who would believe such a story. I mean, apart from my friend Alex.

And why is that this task is so daunting? What is the monetary sacrifice? Apparently not. I could let go several hundred dollars, without effort or pain. But sunset before as the flop to any limit, even to the $3-6, would be much more difficult. So it wasn't money. It was something else.  Maybe subscribe when you have the best possible weapon against his enemy is something too difficult in any circumstance.

(In a discussion on an online chat, someone asked the current value of a pair of ACEs $20-40  Responses vary between $60 and $100.  Lee Jones replied: "How much it cost to know that ACEs are only two small pieces of plastic that you control and not the opposite?")

A few days later, on 19 may, I was the Lucky chances at 4:00 AM to play the $20-40.  The part was shorthanded and fast.  I had just received a pair of ACEs just as I'd just raise my ACEs, I say to myself: 'here's another chance to succeed my quest. Next time I have them, I'll sleep. I think that I can do it. I only recall me. I lost this hand against a flush.

Four hours later, the table was full and I was stuck at $800.  I got the ACEs again and I forgot to sleep, yet. An ACE fell on the flop and I went to bed on the river when a fourth card for the straight fell and a player misa before me.

Simply because I was aware of this quest, I noticed that it was consecutive four times that I was losing with a pair of ACEs in hand. I had to press at least once to be able to win? I felt the pressure of this strange bet, as if not sunset ACEs preflop would expose me to a long and painful torture.

Four hours later, I was stagnated at $ 1600 with my last $ 400 on the table. The party was loud and fierce and every pot was inflated. I was sitting, quiet and silent, pending a hand and in the meantime a flop. My last dollars would be well invested.

The first player lay. The second player lay. I was following and there they were. One was red, the other black.

I began a small dialogue with myself.

What do you expect? Do it!

I can't.  Too bad, I go for sunset ACEs.

Do it!

I can't.  I can't just. I can never.  I now know.

Do it!!

I did it.

I slept my ACEs and I felt suddenly powerful and confident.   I rushed to Alex

I whispered it in his ear: Alex, I finally did it! Now! What we talked about! I slept ACEs before the flop!

Alex who is very concerned about the results was asked: "is what you would have won the hand? ''

What question. I returned to my table with the fear to look others in the eye because I was aware that what had happened in my head changed my brain chemistry. I could not stop repeating myself: ' but what have I done? ''

I have obviously regained enough confidence in me to be able to speak and I started to investigate to find out if I would have won the pot.

It took me two days to get over. Today, a month later and a dozen pairs of ACEs later, I can say that I am unchanged from what happened on 19 May last at the table 41, seat 9. I don't play or don't think differently. I'm like astronaut who would have set foot on the Moon and that would show that the earth rotates. Nothing or almost only remains for me to the spirit of this day except the fact of seeing my two ACEs from the corner of the eye, as if they were me a smile.