2011 WSOP - Another solid performance by Jonathan Driscoll - Summary June 27

wsop-2011 watch Mission accomplished for Ben Lamb in Event # 42; a 18th place for Jonathan 'NessV' Gagnon-Villeneuve in Event # 43; a headsup to finish the tournament # 44; another solid performance Da_Engineer allowing it to start the day today as chip leader with only 21 players remaining in Event # 45; Jonathan 'poker_john' Duhamel survives the first day tournament # 46 and William 'sixzeros' Rivet imitates the tournament # 47. Here is the summary of the WSOP June 27, 2011.

Event # 42 - Championship Pot-Limit Omaha $ 10,000 - Mission accomplished for Benjamin Lamb
Benjamin Lamb had passed so close to a bracelet in Event # 31, he did not intend to miss his chance this time. With only four players back to the last day of the game and already a significant advance, so this was a golden opportunity for Lamb to finish the job.
He undertook first remove itself Christopher King in 4th place. Moments later, it was the Finnish Sami Kelopuro which eliminated English John Shipley, thus forcing the duel between him and Lamb.
Unfortunately for the Finnish, Ben Lamb was determined to win this bracelet and despite fierce resistance from the Finnish, it did not manage to stop Lamb.
After his second place at the event # 31 who reported him $ 259,918, Benjamin Lamb won his first bracelet this time and the sum of $ 814,436.

Event # 43 - No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,500 - 18th place for NessV
34 players were back for the third day of hostilities. Among them, the Quebec Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve (NessV), which was in middle of the pack in 18th place.
Unfortunately for NessV, he had to negotiate with a short stack for a while, finally bowing to the same position he started the day: in 18th place. And he won $ 24,105 for his brilliant performance.
The headsup was interrupted while the U.S. had a generous Nachman Berlin ahead of Brazilian Andre Akkari (9.5m vs. 3.4m). However, nothing is lost Akkari, since the blinds are only 50k/100k.
The winner will be decided today when the action resumes at 15h time in Las Vegas.

Event 44 - Seven Card Razz $ 2,500 - A headsup to finish between Stephen Su and Rep Porter.
Again, ten levels will have been enough for a winner is declared. Despite that there were only 23 players vying for a bracelet, it took about 12 hours to reduce that number to only two. Nevertheless, the two opponents are almost nose to nose, with Stephen Su advance 3:2 on Rep Porter.
Tommy 'Razz Machine' Chen, who has maintained a monstrous advance for 2 days, unfortunately saw his race finish in 3rd place, leaving Porter and Su duel for the title.
Since no winner will have to be appointed, the action resumes today when Stephen Su has a mat 1.65m, 1.08m against the Rep Porter. The blinds are 40k/80k, so the party should be quickly ended as soon as the action resumed.

Event # 45 - No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,000 - Jonathan 'Da_Engineer' Driscoll still dominates!
Da_Engineer had had an outstanding day on the first day of the tournament at $ 1000 finishing in second position. He has managed to repeat the feat yesterday, seizing this time the first row.
In addition to completing chip leader with only 21 players remaining, Jonathan Driscoll we will also discover showmanship: yesterday has been a real rollercoaster for Quebec. He was also able to get into the head of Phil Hellmuth during the two days of play, making literally tilter Poker Brat.
It is finally Driscoll himself undertook to Hellmuth, while the latter pushed all-in on a draw and Da_Engineer was able to avoid the 9 outs Hellmuth, thereby eliminating the 28th rank. Hellmuth then quickly rose to leave the place, and then shake hands with income Da_Engineer. However, he could not help but criticize the game Da_Engineer that Hellmuth was answering a simple "why are you back just to criticize me?" ... What Hellmuth said "It's not because of you, it is I just tilt. I played well for 2 days, eventually losing everything. ".

This huge pot has propelled Da_Engineer to 5th place, but during one of the last hands of the day, while the other players seemed ready to leave and get ready for the third day the next day Da_Engineer decided that his working day n was not finished: with a pair of aces in hand, he and George met Kapalas all-in preflop. The pair of 5 Kapalas were struggling against the "pocket rocket" of Da_Engineer, which then saw his stack grow to 1,247,000, placing it at the forefront. It is closely followed by Kenneth Griffin (1133000), which also stands lot. The player is ranked 3rd behind at 723K.
5 other Quebec unfortunately were not able to survive the second day, but have nevertheless been able to reach the paying places:
Eric Tetrault: 256e ($ 1898)
Michel Moirin: 255e ($ 1898)
Francois 'Greg_29' Binette: 208e ($ 2080)
Robin Millette: 206e ($ 2288)
Shayne Khanna: 169e ($ 2548)
Action resumes today with 21 players remaining. Jonathan 'Da_Engineer' Driscoll will therefore likely have a chance to bring Quebec first WSOP bracelet this year. He is assured of a little over $ 13,000, but could get their hands on $ 455,356 event of a victory.

Event # 46 - Championship No-Limit Hold'em Short-Handed $ 10,000 - Only Duhamel survives.
A surprising number of 474 players paid the $ 10,000 required to participate in this championship Hold'em no limit, 6-max format. Of these, no less than 8 Quebec took part in the event. The day was difficult for Quebec, while one of them, Jonathan Duhamel, was able to survive to this day.
Duhamel ended the day 68erang. World champion last year, Joe Cada, is found in a 4th rank with several big names. Found among other Benjamin Lamb (immediately after completing his headsup the event # 42, it is time to register for the tournament and is ranked 3rd, holders of a triple crown Jake Cody and Bertrand Grospellier The French Fabrice Soulier, the eccentric Phil Laak, the runner-up John Racener 2010 WSOP, and many others.
Action resumes today while only 162 of the 474 registered players will return. Players will first rank among the first 48 positions to ensure $ 19,159, but they will probably eye the first position and $ 1,158,481.

Event 47 - Omaha / Seven Card Stud Hi-Low at $ 2500 - William 'SixZeros' Rivet goes on day 2.
For the first time in its history, the WSOP offered a mixed tournament Omaha and Stud $ 2,500. This new tournament has attracted no fewer than 450 participants, including a high concentration of excellent players. After a day of play, more than half of the players are already eliminated while there are only 201 players.
Many famous faces have been able to survive the first day, including Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, Al Sugarbear 'Barbieri, Barry Greenstein, Victor Ramdin, Josh Arieh, David Chiu, Mike Sexton and Eric Baldwin.
The side of the Quebec delegation, only two players participated in the event: Marc Aubin and William 'SixZeros' Rivet. Only the latter was able to survive the first day, but it has much to do to achieve pay seats (top 48) while it is in 133rd place.
Action resumes today when the American Abe Mosseri throne at the forefront. The winner of this event will hand over $ 255,959.

Coming up today:
- The performance of Jonathan 'Da_Engineer' Driscoll, who continue to maintain the momentum of the last two days in event # 45
- The second day of play of Jonathan 'poker_john' Duhamel (Event # 46) and William 'Sixzeros' Rivet (Event # 47).
- Start another event NLHE $ 1500 which will attract a large number of Quebec.

Event # 42 - Championship Pot-Limit Omaha $ 10,000 - Mission accomplished for Benjamin Lamb.
Event # 43 - No-Limit Hold'em 6max $ 1,500 - Jonathan 'NessV' Gagnon-Villeneuve finished 18th.
Event # 44 - Seven Card Razz $ 2,500 - A headsup interrupted between Stephen Su and Rep Porter.
Event # 45 - No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,000 - Another solid performance from Jonathan 'Da_Engineer' Driscoll and 6 in Quebec scholarships
Event # 46 - Championship No-Limit Hold'em 6-max $ 10,000 - Jonathan Duhamel survive the first day.
Event # 47 - Omaha / Stud $ 2500 - William 'SixZeros' Rivet goes on day 2.

Results of Québec WSOP 2011 - Update to the event # 44


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