2011 WSOP - Gabriel Alarie 2nd place - Summary of 22 June

wsop-2011 watch A second bracelet in Pot-Limit Omaha event at Jason Mercier # 35; both Philippe (Belley and Boucher) are scholarships to the event # 36; Daniel Negreanu discusses a player to cheat Event # 37, a strong performance for Quebec in the event # 38 (Gabriel Alarie is second, William 'sixzeros' Rivet is the 28th and there are still five other Quebec!) And two Quebec 2 day pass to the event # 39. Here is the summary of the WSOP June 22, 2011.

Event # 35 (Pot-Limit Omaha Six-Handed $ 5,000) - A second bracelet in Pot-Limit Omaha Jason Mercier.
WSOP offered for the first time this year, an event Pot-Limit Omaha 6-max format. The 35th event of the 2011 WSOP was the first one of its kind and the players have responded massively with no less than 507 entries, providing 2,382,900 in scholarship, including $ 619,575 reserved for the winner.
It is ultimately the American Jason Mercier wrote a page of history by defeating their opponents 506.
Day 3 started quickly, while nearly half of the remaining 15 players were eliminated in the first two hours of play it is, precisely, Jason Mercier has the most advantage of these high-speed outputs, as even the author of a double knockout against David 'Devilfish' Ulliott and Peter Jetten.
It will still take two hours headsup for Jason Mercier triumph over Hans Winzeler, as they are repeatedly exchanged the top position.
This is the second bracelet World Series for Jason Mercier, both acquired in Pot-Limit Omaha.

Event # 36 (No-Limit Hold'em at $ 2500) - Philippe Belley and Philippe 'PhilLeDingue' Boucher finished in scholarships.
Day 2 ended with 39 players remaining on the 291 who had survived the first day of play Of these, three Quebec were back Philippe 'PhilLeDingue' Boucher, Philippe Belley and Patrick 'kfax' Braga.
Patrick Braga was the one who had the most to do to rank among the 171 places paid, since he was one of the short stacks at the dawn of the second day. Unfortunately for him, no miracle happened and he was not able to achieve awards.
PhilLeDingue, for its part, Quebec was in a better position as he started the day in 31st place. Unfortunately for him, he chose a bad time to reply to a young player who often 3-bettait. It was this time a pair of aces and sent Phil on lines listed 87th. However PhilLeDingue harvest $ 7,534 for his performance.
The side of Philippe Belley, things were going pretty well for him despite his 112th place at the beginning of the day, he spent quite prepared to survive day 2 Unfortunately for him, it is rather that Lady Luck is loaded. his case. He first lost a pot with AK against Q8s (all-in preflop) while his opponent was able to hit a flush. Then the next hand, he found himself with the KJo AQs against his opponent but again, his opponent was luckier than him! Philippe Belley finishes in 54th and pocketed $ 12,860.
Failure to give a bit of luck in Belley, Lady Luck seems to have been enjoying a single person: Thomas Miller. The U.S. has ended the day with 1.35m in chips while his nearest rival, Randy Dorfman, did just 566k. In third place is found the French Alexis lesuperpanda 'Bouchiouane.
Action resumes - and will probably end - now.

Event # 37 (Championship HORSE $ 10 000) - Daniel Negreanu discusses another player angle-shooter '
As expected, the eliminations in rapid succession on the second day of hostilities while only sixty players had been the victim of the first day of play
Several familiar faces were still in contention for the prestigious bracelet, but Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, John Juanda, Mike Matusow and others were not able to pass the second day.
The story that gets the most attention that day was the controversy between Daniel Negreanu and Michael Binger about possible "angle shot" for a raise. This story lasted nearly 10 minutes. The action began with a preflop raise, followed by a 3bet Michael Binger. On the flop, Binger made a bet in 1500 (while the minimum bet was 3000), followed by an upswing in 3000 by his opponent. The argument then broke out between Daniel Negreanu and Michael Binger. The argument was that Negreanu check-raiseur clearly intended to revive and he could then have the choice whether or not to do once Binger would have corrected his mistake; Binger's argument was that the player has 3000 had made a simple call and he could not raise.
The tournament director was called upon to decide, but the debate between Negreanu and Binger went up a notch while Binger launched Negreanu: "Farms fuck up This is my tournament is at stake here!" While Negreanu s 'persisted in saying that it could be an angle-shoot Binger to see what was the intention of the other player.
The tournament director finally severed the half put Binger should be considered as a full bet, and that bet $ 3,000 check-raiseur should be considered as a simple call. Binger could not help saying to Negreanu: "You did a scene for nothing, is not it?" Adding that he was sorry to see Negreanu persist for a hand that did not concern the same not.
Binger finally folde on the turn, leaving the vulnerable with a short stack of 18,000 chips. Decision Michael Binger will nonetheless served him: he was able to double a few times and, six hours later, it is neither other than he who finds himself chip leader with 742K chips behind the French Fabrice Soulier (to 560k).
Action resumes today when the bubble burst in late yesterday: each player is assured of $ 21,905 and the winner will receive $ 609,130.

Event # 38 (No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,500) - Fine performance for Quebec! Gabriel Alarie 2nd place and William 'SixZeros' Rivet in 28th place!
Over thirty Quebec participated in this popular event No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,500. They also étaint not alone, while 2,192 players are register.
Quebec will still had a great tournament. Gabriel Alarie finished the day in 2nd place, while William 'SixZeros' Rivet is in 28th place. They are accompanied Quebec Shayne Khanna (83), Frédéric Pierre (200th), Jonathan 'Poker_John' Duhamel (253rd), Gylbert Drolet (286th) and Robert Bonneau (294th), while there are only 320 players.
Some will still work hard to reach places paid, while only the first 216 places will ensure $ 3,018.
Action resumes today at 17:30 PM Quebec (1430 Las Vegas).
Good luck, especially Gabriel Alarie (who also celebrated his birthday!) And William 'SixZeros' Rivet. For those who do not know Gabriel Alarie, go take a look at his website: www.iamranked.com

Event # 39 (Pot-Limit Hold'em / Omaha $ 2500) - Two Quebec in good position
10 Quebec were part of the 606 participants in this joint event Pot-Limit Hold'Em and Omaha. Members PokerCollectif Jonathan 'Da_Engineer' Driscoll, Jason 'Jayggins' Hallée, Christopher 'D0r1t0s' McClung and Miguel 'Mig' Proulx have unfortunately had no chance and could not be classified for the second day. Only two of these 10 Quebec have succeeded: Sean Grover (9th) and Shawn Hattem (88th).
This is David Williams (member of Team PokerStars) that currently dominates the rankings, while there are only 130 players. The first 63 positions will ensure $ 4,480, while the winner will hand over $ 310,225.

Coming up today:
-Québec at the event # 38 (Gabriel Alarie particularly in the 2nd row and Guillaume 'SixZeros' Rivet 28th rank)
- Sean Grover and Shawn Hattem the event # 39.
- Start another event Hold'em (6-Max $ 5,000).

Event # 35 - Pot-Limit Omaha 6-handed $ 5,000 - Victory Jason Mercier
Event # 36 - No-Limit Hold'em at $ 2500 - Philippe Belley and Philippe 'PhilLeDingue' Boucher in scholarships
Event # 37 - Championship HORSE $ 10 000 - Daniel Negreanu make a scene!
Event # 38 - No-Limit Hold'em $ 1,500 - Gabriel Alarie 2nd place and William 'Sixzeros' Rivet in 28th place!
Event # 39 - Pot-Limit Hold'em / Omaha $ 2500 - Sean Grover and Shawn Hattem still in contention.

Results of Québec WSOP 2011 - Update to the event # 37


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