2011 WSOP - Jason Hallée in good position - summary 13 June

wsop-2011-braceletA woman passes well by winning a bracelet of the WSOP event #18, Jason Hallée (Jayggins) in a good position to the #20 event, Miguel Proulx (Mig) and Guillaume Rivet (SixZeros) spend the day #2 event 23 and a quick exit of Quebecers to the #22 event. Here is the summary of June 13 to the WSOP 2011.

Event #18 (Hold' no limit to $ 1500)
The action of the day #3 happened at lightning speed. Despite the absence of Quebecers to the table, the action was worthy of interest. It took from 2 h 30 to 24 players are eliminated and found players on the final table. Players are traded in turn the chiplead. Unfortunately for french Philippe Vert, he had to bow in 8th place. Although the tournament theoretically to expire yesterday, action should resume today since the rule of the '10-level stop' has been reached. There are only 6 players: the winner won $ 735 400 while the sixth place pays $ 126 409.

Event #19 (Hold'em limit 6 - max to $2500)-Kim Nguyen is close to being the first woman since Selbst in 2008 won a bracelet in a WSOP event open to all.
The Russians Alexander Kuzmin and Andrey Zaichenko uncool to the Summit at the beginning of the day. Will nevertheless unable to capitalise on their lead in token, and they had to bow down in turn in 5th and 4th place.
Kim Nguyen, the third wife of the 2011 WSOP to reach a final table, passed right by becoming the only woman since Vanessa Selbst in 2008. to win an event open to all WSOP. Unfortunately for her, she had to losing to Darren Woods. She nevertheless pockets $ 131,900, and a second place, while Woods won his first WSOP bracelet and $ 213 431.

Event #20 (No-Limit Hold'Em $ 1000)-Jason Hallée in a good position.
Four Quebecers were very close exchanges, while there remained only 20 players to eliminate to make sure of a place among the paid positions.
It was mission accomplished for the four Quebecers. Guillaume Chantal (aka Street.Light) was the first to go and finished in 145th place, for a purse of $ 2628. Several moments more, it was Jonathan Driscoll (Da_Engineer) who was going to join him in 78th position, for a gain of $ 4572.
Towards the final moments of the tournament, there were still two Quebecers: Eric Afriat and Jason Hallée (Jayggins). Afriat was unfortunately unable to survive the day #2 and of bowing in 33rd place for a gain of $ 11 401.
The outcome of the day was more than happy for Jason Hallée. While he began the day with less than chips that his colleagues, he managed to survive the day #2 and is currently in 16th place among the 26 players remaining.
The winner receives $ 493 091, and all 26 players remaining are guaranteed $ 11 401.

Event #21 (Seven Card Stud Championship $ 10,000)
Bad luck for french Sebastien Sabic: despite its slight lead early in the day, he had to bow just before the paid positions. His compatriot, Bertrand 'Elky' Grospellier, nonetheless seems to have taken over and finished the day in third place.
There are 14 players and the day ended just after the bursting of the bubble. The remaining players are therefore assured of a $ 24 043 and the winner will win $ 331 639.

Event #22 (Pot-Limit Omaha $ 1500) - rapid Elimination of Quebecers
17 Quebecers took part in Pot-Limit Omaha event. This is particularly the case for Miguel 'Mig' Proulx (winner of a bracelet and a second place in Pot-Limit Omaha last year), Vincent 'Vluff' Jacques, Gabriel 'rouliroul' roll, Erik Cajelais, Philippe Plouffe and a few others.  Unfortunately for them, the first day will have no survivors. It is rather the Finns Juha Vilkko which stands at the top, with a slight lead on his closest pursuer.
The elimination of David ' Devilfish Ulliot will put an end to the day, breaking at the same time the bubble and ensuring each participant an amount of $ 2747.

Event #23 - (Eight games mix at $ 2500) - Miguel Proulx and Guillaume Rivet spend the day #2
Miguel Proulx (Mig) and Guillaume Rivet (SixZeros) were the only two representatives of Quebec in this event where not less than 8 variants will be played. After a day of play, our two Quebecers are still well alive: Mig is in 42nd position while SixZeros lies 104th.
Practically the halves of the 489 entrants have already had to pack their bags. There are 248 players and the first 48 positions will ensure at least $ 4883.

A monitor today:
-Jason Hallée (Jayggins) to the #20 event
-Miguel Proulx (Mig) and Guillaume Rivet (SixZeros) with the #23 event.
-Commencement of the event #24, where several Quebecers may be present.


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Results of Quebecers to the WSOP 2011 - update to the #22 event.


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