2011 WSOP - the epic of Benjamin Lamb continues

wsop-2011-braceletThe day #7 is now part of history and we know from today the finalists who will return in November to try to capture the title of champion of the world of poker 2011.

They were 57 earlier in the day yesterday. After five levels with a duration of 2 hours each, they are more than 22 players.  The leader in token is Anton Makievskyi, with more than 21 m in chips.

Makievskyi has been able to take the lead through a jar of 20 million won at the expense of Christopher Moore (Makievskyi had KJ; Christopher Moore had AJ... and the flop fell KJJ). Despite the huge lost pot, Moore will have all been able to survive the day, despite the fact that he finds himself ranked last among the survivors.

The day will have made many victims, including JP Kelly, Sebastian Ruthenberg, the couple David 'Doc' Sands and Erika Moutinho (which was also the last woman always), Erick Lindgren and many others.

On the side of the survivors, the epic of Benjamin Lamb continues: it is at the moment in 5th place with a little less than 15 m in chips.  There is also only one only Canadian. After Jonathan Duhamel who became the first world champion last year, the title could therefore remain again in the country since the Alberta Khoa Nguyen is in a good position, in 3rd with nearly 16.5 m in chips.

The 22 players will return today, and the action will end once is known the 9 finalists. The day promises to be so exciting!

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