24 June Sébastien Roy and Pascal LeFrançois 12 pass 2 day of the #44

The final duel to find the winner in the #41 event will take place today, Sleksii Kovalchuck won his 2nd WSOP bracelet, Roch Cousineau has not taken advantage of its lead in chips and is eliminated during the second day of the tournament and will monitor today while he goes to the second day in the event #44 Sébastien Roy and Pascal LeFrançois. More details in the article!

Event # 41 No-Limit hold ' em $3000 - the final duel will take place today

When the tournament was restarted yesterday, it only remained that 30 people, all insured persons to receive a scholarship. The action was supposed to continue until it found a winner in this tournament, but now, there are still 2 people in the tournament, ready to compete for the final duel today.

It's Jackie Glazier, leader in chips with 9.4 M followed by Greg Ostrander at 3 m.

Whereas the gap between the first and second place at the level of exchanges, both players give all what he have to finish first.

Indeed, a 2nd place gives 458K as a first place gives 742K

PokerCollectif will be notified so only tomorrow if Jackie has taken advantage of its lead in chips to win the bracelet.


Event #42 of Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8 or Better! ($2500) - Oleksii Kovalchuck wins the bracelet!

There were still 22 players in this tournament when he took yesterday. The final duel took place between Ukrainian Oleksii Kovalchuck and George Danzer German. It was ultimately Oleksii prevailed. For his performance, he won $ 228,014. Meanwhile German key 140,825. For Oleksii, it was its 7th purse in a tournament of WSOP and his 2nd bracelet. It brings the total of his earnings to $ 976,420


We also note the presence of the colorful commentator Norman Chad, WSOP, who finished 6th for $ 36,093.

Event #43 of No Limit Hold'em $ 1500 - no Quebec goes to the next day

Some Quebeckers were still in the race of this tournament and the Québécois Roch Cousineau was among the leaders, which would obviously increase our interest in this tournament. Recall that one could find PhilLeDingue with 56,600 tokens, ranked 66th, Sébastien Boisvert with 55,800 tokens, ranked 258th, ranked 63rd Marc Carpenterperreault with 17,000 chips and finally, Jean Ledoux ranked 298th with 11,300 tokens.

Unfortunately, the momentum of Roch Cousineau stopped ranked 243rd. He finished his day with a grant of $ 2992, which is surely very disappointing for him while he began so well.

233rd ranked, shortly after Mr. Cousineau, is Sébastien Boisvert who saw his race end to him also, a grant of $ 2,992.

Shortly after, Philippe "PhilLeDingue" Boucher came out ranked 226th in the same amount of money.

181st ranked, Jean Ledoux touched the new stage of the awards and won $ 3,291.

The 100th ranked found Marc Carpenterperreault. For his performance, he earned $ 4,113.

Therefore, unfortunately, as you will understand, there are now more no Quebec in this tournament.

The leader in chips is currently Zach Clark with 1.34 M followed very closely by Balázs Botond with 1.32 M in chips.

The winner should be known today and will receive $ 654,380. When the action resumes today while there are more than 20 players in the race, the blinds will be at 6000/12000 with antes in 2000.

Event #44 of No Limit Hold'em $1000 - RockXStar and Lin spend day 2

2,949 people took part in this tournament, including several Quebeckers. Among them, Jonathan Driscoll aka Da_Engineer, Sébastien aka RockXStar, Laurence Roy "Sharon" Grondin, Pascal LeFrançois, Chanracy Khun alias ChanMix, Jean-Philippe "JPhil" Matte, Patrick Boisvert and Chris McClung alias D0r1t0s.

Among all Quebecers in this tournament, there is more than 2 still alive, that is Pascal LeFrançois ranked 243rd with 10,700 tokens and Sébastien Roy in 136th place with 26,700 tokens!

When the action resumes today, the blinds will be 500/1000 with antes in 100, which will not leave much room for manoeuvre at our Quebec 2. However, we wish them the best of luck for the rest of the things.

Event #45: The Poker Players Championship! -No québécois, but several poker celebrities


In other words, all forms of poker in WSOP tournaments.

The number of entries this year is low: 105, but should not expect more because of two important factors: few players have mastered quite well all these variants to register and $ 50,000 buy-in, this is not all players who have the means to participate.

No Quebecers took part in this tournament. There are still several good interesting to follow players: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom, Jason Mercier, Doyle Brunson, Eugene Katchalov and Brian Hastings, to name a few.

At present, no player has been eliminated and the leader in chips is Matt Glantz with 310,700 chips.

The action will resume today at 17 h 00 Montreal time. Note that this tournament is planned for 5 days in total and should be completed next Thursday.

To watch today:

-Sébastien Roy and Pascal LeFrançois, still in the race in No Limit Hold'em Tournament ' $ 1000

-Event #45 in which many of the best players in the world is engaging a battle on all the grounds (i.e., in several variants of poker) - the beginning of the event no. #46 - Limit Hold'em $ 2500 in which many québécois should register.

You can discuss the different tournaments on our forums by following the following links:

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Event #42 of Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8 or Better! ($2500)

Event #43 of No Limit Hold'em to $ 1500

Event #44 of No Limit Hold'em to $ 1000

Event #45: The Poker Players Championship!


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