8 - Games of the WCOOP - Kirb on the final table!


Those who follow the WCOOP will be pleased to learn that Kirb (aka Kirbinator on PokerStars) will be on the final table of the #61 of the WCOOP event. This event, with an entry price of $ 10,300, is one of the most expensive of all WCOOP. 133 players participate, for a total prize pool of 1.33 m $!

The difficulty of this event comes from the fact that it is a 8-game event, i.e. an event includes the following games:


1 Limit Triple-draw;

2 - Limit Hold'em.

3 Limit Omaha High/Low.

4 Limit Razz.

5 Limit Stud;

6 Limit Stud High/Low;

7 no-limit Hold'Em.

8 pot-Limit Omaha.


There are more than 6 of 133 players and the final table will resume at 3 p.m., Eastern time, today. Kirb there is assured of $ 59 850 and could win up to $ 345,800.

The pools are as follows:

6th place: $ 59 850

5th place: $ 86 450

4th place: $ 113 050

3rd place: $ 172,900

2nd place: $ 232 750

1st place: $ 345,800


Kirb is located for the 3rd time with close to 250,000 tokens. Nachobarbero and Indigoae are below 10,000; Pearljammer is 110 000; Kirb is 250,000 Bigfish302 to 323,000 and Kravchenko has 494 000 while the blinds are a 5 k / 10 k.Earlier in the tournament, Daniel Negreanu said Kirb it was an angleshooter: the discussion was the next, after Kirb is purposefully delayed the game in order to play the least of possible hands in triple-draw.

KidPoker said, "I am rooting for a dirty dirty bubble beat for Kirby." "Like some sick sick beat lol"
kirbynator said, "hehe sry"
WhooooKidd said, "stalling thru td is gay"
KidPoker said, "he's been doing it the whole tournament"
good2cu said, 'very blade'
KidPoker said, "karma always wins in the end"
kirbynator said, "id rather make money for people trusting me"
kirbynator: folds

kirbynator said, "than be politically correct with better rich players"
kirbynator said, "and its been obvious im terrible at it"
kirbynator said, ""
kirbynator: folds
good2cu: folds
KidPoker said, "whatever allows you to sleep at night. "In my book, you are a straight up angle shooter, but it's legal so do your thing"
WhooooKidd: raises 2000 to 4000
KidPoker: folds
kirbynator said, "not denying it"
kardioloq: calls 2000
kardioloq: discards 3 cards
KidPoker said, "thats nice"
WhooooKidd: discards 2 cards
kardioloq: checks
kirbynator said, "its been done a lot tho in my past horse tournaments"
WhooooKidd: bets 2000
KidPoker said, "classy actually"
kardioloq: calls 2000
kardioloq: discards 2 cards
WhooooKidd: discards 2 cards
kardioloq: checks
WhooooKidd: checks
KidPoker said, "I played this thing for 8 hours. who else did it but you?"
kardioloq: discards 2 cards

kirbynator said, "i wont name names but someone was doing it when u arrived, other than that one person id say about nobody else"
KidPoker said, "seriously though, karma will bit you in the butt." It always happens that way"
kirbynator said, "if possible i hope stars will implement a # of hands instead of minutes per game"
kirbynator said, "i think it would fix the problem"
kirbynator: folds

KidPoker said, "it would fix the problem if people respected the others in the tourney and played with some class and honor"
kirbynator said, "we're not Samurai"
KidPoker said, "whose play in an 8 game if you can only play 7 of them. or be an angle shooter"

good2cu said, "I agree with daniel what your doing is basically cheating"
good2cu said, "so lame"
kirbynator said, "didn't think it would get such a negative feedback tbh but i understand it"
kirbynator said, "i told people who bought parts of me before i sucked at it and if they wanted id stall during those levels after the first few blinds ones"

kirbynator said, "i wont do it next time but i wont go back on my words with them sry"
Kravchenko: calls 6000
good2cu said, "clearly a very honourable person"
kirbynator said, "its only like 3 minutes of stalling per 2 hours"
KidPoker said, 'embarrasing is that he is a Canadian. "I apologize on my country's behalf"
KidPoker said, "I like Bryan Adams!"
KidPoker said, 'everyone watching and playing is hoping you finish where you deserve to 19th'

We therefore wish all good luck to Kirb.  You can follow it live on PokerStars by downloading the software and then by going on the EVENTS tab, then the WCOOP subtab and heading in event 61 - 10,300$ 8 - game High Roller.Sinon, you can follow him on the forum by clicking the following link: WCOOP 2010 Thread.


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