8 June '12 WSOP: Ivey, Hellmuth and Brunson deprived of a bracelet.

wsop2012_resultat Bracelet for Brandon Schaefer NLHE Shootout event; Adam Friedman ruin the party of Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and Todd Brunson in Seven Card Stud Hi-Low; First WSOP final table for Matusow since 2008 NLHE 6-max; Steve Landfish provisionally took the lead in the Championship of Pot-Limit Hold'em Rep Porter will not defend his title in Razz. Here is a summary of the June 8 WSOP 2012.

Event # 14 - No-Limit Hold'em Shootout $ 1,500 - A bracelet for Brandon Schaefer.
Twelve players were back today, with carpet more or less equal. After thirty minutes in the tournament, Zachary Korick and Jarred Solomon were removed, making way for the final table of 10 players.

Holder of six bracelets, Layne Flack came out strong enough once the start of the final table, first loading the elimination of Dylan Horton in 10th place, getting a good shot of the chip lead. Although Flack seemed to play the role of captain of the table, we can not say that it was a great success for him. He quickly began to distribute its carpet left and right, especially in favor of Brandon Schaefer, only to be eliminated in 4th place.

The other bracelet holder of this final table, Jeff Madsen, has never been able to put the machine: he left in the seventh position with a total of $ 36,809.

Once the removal of Adam Kagin, we ended with a duel between Brandon Schaefer and Jonathan Cohen. Although Schaefer has never actually lost the lead in this duel, he had a right to good opposition from Cohen. Nevertheless, he managed to get rid of Cohen, winning the sum of $ 311,174 plus a World Series bracelet! Cohen, meanwhile, will have to settle for $ 192,559.

Event # 15 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8-or-Better to $ 5000 - Adam Friedman denies Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and Todd Brunson bracelet.
Day # 3 started with 19 players, including Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey who was trying to write a new page of history. For Hellmuth, it would have been his twelfth bracelet, which would have allowed him to extend his lead over Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan by two. For Ivey, it would be his eighth and most importantly, it would have won him a lot of money due to paris on who would win the next bracelet.

Unfortunately for Hellmuth, Friedman - the leader early in the day - was responsible for putting an end to his ambitions.

At the start of the final table, there were again Friedman in first position, followed by John Monnette - already holds a bracelet this year Stud - 2nd position. The first to be eliminated was Brian Twete ​​in 9th position, followed by Bryn Kenney 8th.
Then it was the turn of Phil Ivey to taste Adam Friedman medicine. After losing a big pot against Friedman is Todd Brunson who undertook the removal of Phil Ivey.

After removing Zimnan Ziyard (6th), Sven Arntzen (5th) and Nikolai Yakovenko (4th), it remained more than Adam Friedman, Todd Brunson and John Monnette. Friedman was still the favorite to win, as he had before him more than half the chips in the tournament. However, this is Todd Brunson who won, eliminating first Monnette 3rd position.

At the beginning of the duel between Brunson and Friedman, Brunson was already two times more chips than his opponent. But Friedman never gave up and, after exchanging a few pots of them, he was able to take the lead and eventually eliminated Brunson.
Adam Friedman wins his first WSOP bracelet in addition to the sum of $ 269,037 with a term virtually unblemished.

Event # 16 - No-Limit Hold'em 6-max $ 1500 - No chance for Lavallée, Cajelais and Jolicoeur; first WSOP final table since 2008 Mike Matusow.
1604 only 137 players were back in the second day of competition. Of course we had to look Erik Cajelais, Jason Lavallée and Martin Leclerc, three Quebecers still in contention.

Unfortunately, none of them has been able to improve its position in the standings. First, Jason 'BikiniWax' Lavallée was quickly eliminated in 118th spot. He was followed by Martin Jolicoeur 90th and Erik Cajelais in 72nd position.

After ten levels in the tournament, we already know the identity of the players on the final table. Robert Muzzatti Mark Darner and stand out from the lot with both about 1.4 million in chips. They are followed by Mike Matusow (3rd Place - 816,000 chips), which had not made the final table at the WSOP since 2008.

Here are the standings when the action resumes at 16h, Quebec time:
Robert Muzzatti - 1445000
Mark Darner - 1412000
Mike Matusow - 816,000
Matt Glantz - 774,000
Gordon Vayo - 730,000
Jonathan Currle - 621,000
Mark Radoja - 621,000
Matt Matros - 542,000
Ramey Shaio - 333,000

Event # 17 - Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship ($ 10,000) - Decrease in participation while Steve Landfish finished the day at the forefront
179 players took part in the Championship of Pot-Limit Hold'Em. This is a significant decrease from 249 entries last year.

After a day of competition, there are only 69 players while the first 18 positions will pocket at least $ 23,876. All will however in the eye the $ 445,899 that the winner wins.

The leader of the day is American Steve Landfish only player to have exceeded the mark of 200,000 chips (224,500). David Benyamine, meanwhile, finds himself in 6th place with 147,000 chips, while the lovely Liv Boeree ranks in the top 10 of the day thanks in part to a pot where she eliminated two players at once. Also note the presence of Antonio Esfandiari in 12th place, Erik Seidel in 14th, and several other familiar faces.

The players will return today, then we should know the identity of the final table.

Event # 18 - Seven Card Razz $ 2,500 - Rep Porter will not defend his title.
Again, the participation this year is experiencing a decrease from last year. 309 players (compared to 363 last year) were enrolled in this first event of the 2012 edition Razz. Among them, one of Quebec took part in the event (Eric Levesque) who has not been able to survive the first day.

The winner of the past year, Rep Porter, was unfortunately not present to defend his title due to a scheduling conflict (his daughter had a ballet). The absence of Porter means that you will definitely have a new champion.

After eight levels of play, this is Tommy Vedes which is currently the best position to win the title. However, there is a lot of poker to be played before declaring a winner and his lead is thin, as there is still 136 survivors. Many familiar faces are still in contention, such as Phil Hellmuth, Joe Tehan, Greg Raymer and others. We also find some "ghosts" as Tom McEvoy in 5th place.

Action resumes at 17h, Quebec time.

Coming up today:
- Start of final table tournament Hold'em 6max.
- Day Tournament Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em where the identity of the players at the final table is probably going to experience
- Second day of the first Razz event of the 2012 WSOP.
- Start an event Limit Hold'em $ 5,000 and above, a limitless Hold'Em event where many Quebecers will be present.

You can comment on the various tournaments by clicking the following links:
Event # 14 - No-Limit Hold'em Shootout 'at $ 1500 - Victory Brandon Schaefer.
Event # 15 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-better to $ 5000 - Andrew Friedman denies Hellmuth, Ivey and Brunson (son) of a bracelet.
Event # 16 - No-Limit Hold'em 6-max $ 1500 - Pase chance for Cajelais, Lavallee and Jolicoeur.

Event # 17 - Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship for $ 10,000
Event # 18 - Seven Card Razz $ 2,500


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