Aaron Benton, the third season of l APPT Sydney Grand Final Main Event champion!

Eleven hours and 14 minutes after playing the first maps of the final table of the APPT Sydney PokerStars.net Grand Final Main Event, Aaron Benton wielding his fists in the air by pushing a cry of victory. L Australian 32 years originally from Wollongong, New South Wales, is the champion for the year 2009 of l APPT Sydney Grand Final Main Event.

2009 has been a memorable year for the former reality TV star. S Benton is qualified for all four stages of the third season of l PokerStars APPT and managed to rank at the top of the tournament. By effectively beating some 396 participants, he finally gets his first major title.

Benton announced during d interview d post-match to Lynn Gilmartin, journalist of PokerNews, the intention to buy a home to his mother with a portion of the earnings from the tournament.

Although being the second best brings a bittersweet taste to victory, Ernst Hermans must still be satisfied with her result for this tournament. Hermans was one of the only two non-Australiens to qualify for the final table and its place in the Main Event via a satellite bought used for $22 on PokerStars.

Congratulations also to the other seven finalists for their beautiful participation in the tournament. Here is a brief overview of the final results (all amounts are in Australian money):

1st: Aaron Benton (Australia) $ 500 348
2nd: Ernst Hermans (Netherlands) $ 475,000
3rd: Leo Boxell (Australia) $ 213 840
4th: Wayne Carlson (Australia) $ 166 320
5th: Tom Grigg (Australia) $ 130 680
6th: Andrew Hiscox (Australia) $ 106 920
7th: Barry Forrester (Australia) $ 83 160
8th: David Formosa (Australia) $65 340
9th: Thomas Slifka (USA) $ 47,520

In the meantime the PCA, spend happy holidays and good luck!

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