Bebechien finished 3rd in the WPT Canadian Spring Championship!

Yesterday the final table of the WPT Canadian Spring Championship was played at the Playground Poker Club!

Among the finalists, noted the presence of Jason Duval aka Bebechien on PokerCollectif forums!

Bebechien offered a performance throughout the final table (or almost) to eventually finishing 3rd for $ 199,029!

The last hand was hand #123 while Jason pushed his stack on the small blind with Q9s against the Babakhani steal the button! The latter promptly named with A4.

The flop gave hope to Jason: JT3 is a draw the straight and 2 lives cards!

The turn and river being bricks, Jason lives eliminated 3rd!

It is finally Amir Babakhani, who released Jason, who won the tournament and the $442,248!

The list of Fellows of the final table is as follows:

1 Amir Babakhani - $ 442,248
2 Barry Kruger - $ 272,555
3 Jason Duval - $ 199,029
4 Bobby Liang - $ 136,700
5 Martin Leclerc - $102,251
6 Jonathan Adeola - $ 81,767

The PokerCollectif team and its members would like to congratulate Jason for this beautiful performance!

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