Cash game high stakes in Macau

images.jpgIt is the most famous Tournament Director who taught it to us on the forums of Twoplustwo last week : a part of cash game high yield took place in Macau in China in the HardRock Casino room. On the one hand, rich businessmen Chinese who have absolutely no fear of losing their money and on the other, as Ivey, Juanda, Dwan, Giang poker pros, etc.

On Twoplustwo: "Parties of cash game are among the biggest in history." Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Chau Giang, and John Juanda playing No - Limit Hold'em with blinds at 5.000/10.000HK$ ($ 650/1300) with Chinese businessmen. There were about 40 million (more than 5 million dollars) on the table the last time I went. »

The party began with blinds at HK$ 5, 000-10, 000 ($ 1 = 7.8HK). In the beginning, things went very well for Dwan who lost 1 or 2 million dollars. The sessions of poker is past by hour ten. Dwan which had the taste to leave after these heavy losses, made a recent $ 500,000 and Ivey almost four times more positive session.

On one of the tables, there was Ivey, Dwan and 2 Chinese players. The blinds were $ 1300 / $2600. Several Chinese players are rich businessmen as he said, and many of these players have only basic Poker concepts; in other words, they are very difficult to read. This is probably what gave trouble to Dwan and Ivey in the beginnings them which began losing money to these tables.

Johnny Chan and John Juanda are also come join Ivey and Dwan for this part.
Among biggest pot, there was a pot of 2 million that went into pockets at Ivey on Axx3K with his AK vs the Dwan A3. Another huge jar of $ 3 million went in the direction of Dwan when there was an all in preflop AK vs QQ vs TT 3way (Dwan ladies have managed to hold out).

According to some advanced figures, Ivey was a winner at the time of writing these lines of $ 2 million, Johnny Chan and Tom Dwan $ 500,000 would lose $ 100,000. Bet that Ivey and Dwan will no longer receive such an invitation.

The parties are still ongoing and the blinds are expected to rise soon to an equivalent of $ 1300 / $2600

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