Erik Seidel won the heads up Championship

They were 64 initially. Today, only one is still standing; Erik Seidel who finished first in the National heads-up Championship. From January 2011, it is the 7th Seidel award already. With this award, Seidel has already won more than 4 M$ this year in tournaments.

To win this award and finish first heads up Championship, Erik had beat Allen Cunningham, Jennifer Harman, Phil Gordon, Vanessa Selbst, Andrew Robl and Chris Moneymaker (during a 2 3 special for victory), former WSOP champion. It is the latter (Moneymaker) who released Jonathan Duhamel "PokerJohn" who has done very well in this tournament and finished 4th and the sum of $ 125,000.

With regard to the other fellows, here is the list:

Results NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship 2011:

1 Erik Seidel $750,000
2 Chris Moneymaker $300,000
3 Andrew Robl $125,000
4 Jonathan Duhamel $125,000
5 David Benyamine $75,000
6 Vanessa Selbst $75,000
7 Olivier Busquet $75,000
8 David Oppenheim $75,000
9 Phil Gordon $30,000
10 Phil Galfond $30,000
11 Michael Mizrachi $30,000
12 James edge $30,000
13 Jason Mercier $30,000
14 Eugene Katchalov $30,000
15 Ayaz Mahmood $30,000
16 Doyle Brunson $30,000

After his victory, Erik Seidel was obviously very happy; I played the National Heads Up Championship since 2005 and last year I lost in the final against Annie Duke, so this victory is very special for me. It is always exciting to face colleagues of poker who display great skills tables this year. »

Duhamel meanwhile will be still very well done by winning 4 duels against Whitmire, Esfandiari the magician, Mahmood and Busquet. As it was said above, this is Chris Moneymaker who will correct him.

Congratulations to all the same Jonathan that did very well for a first participation in this prestigious tournament. His performance was even more impressive when you see the calibre of players who were present during this tournament. Several of the best players in the world heads-up took part in this tournament including "jungleman12", Phil Galfond and Phil Ivey, to name but a few.

GG, PokerJohn!

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