Game #9 tomorrow night (May 14), $ 6600 in prizes!

Thursday May 14, will be held the front last game of PokerCollectif 2009 spring League! In a game with a rather slow structure shorthanded deepstack, should see considerable action!

Here is the information on the next game:

Place: Everest Poker
Tournament name: Poker collective
Time: 23:30 * 19:30 for Quebec and 01:30 for the France.
Password: nadima
Entrance fee *: $ 10 + $ 1

You will find this tournament at Everest Poker by clicking SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT, then PRIVATE. The tournament will be held at 23: 30 GMT (7:30 pm on 14 may for the people of Quebec or 01:30 on 15 may for the European members).

VOU don't have to win one game during the season for you ensuring a place in the final.You'll therefore 10 chances to get in the final and win one of the two (2) packages with a value of US $ 3,000 each. In addition to the packages, we will add $ 600 in "ticket gold" on Everest Poker, so that $6600 will be given during this great final!
See the following links for more information:

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