Gus Hansen could resume feathers

The career of Gus Hansen was not very well these past months . Let's say that it was rather the air of a pigeon to a shark on the high stakes at Full Tilt Poker tables. On the other hand, the tournament which takes place in the Casino At The Empire in London could be an excellent springboard for him, to get out the head of the sand.

103 players entered the tournament high roller heads-up World Series of Poker Europe 2010 at a modest cost of £ 10,3350 (books!). At the time of writing this article, 1 sterling pound is worth 1,62563 Canadian dollar.

There are only 2 players in the race, either Jim Collopy and Gus Hansen. The tournament is for the time being stopped, because both wanted to play the main event. As Collopy has just be eliminated, therefore, should see the last confrontation between Gus Hansen and Jim Collopy soon. In total, they will make 3 headsup: the first to win two will win the victory and the bracelet. Gus Hansen won the first clash, Jim Collopy won the second thanks to some lucky shots. Rest therefore 3rd and decisive confrontation.

Sixteen seats are paid in this tournament. Here are the Fellows:

* 1st?  -288 £409
* 2nd?-£178 211
* 3rd Ram Vaswan - £96 212
* 4th Andrew Feldman - £96 212
* 5th Daniel Negreanu - £47.045
* 6th Kevin Eyster - £47.045
* 7th Huck Seed - £47.045
* 8th Neil Channing - £47.045
* 9th Howard Lederer - £22.847
* 10th Martin Kabrhel - £22.847
* 11th McLean Karr - £22.847
* 12th Saar Wilf - £22.847
* 13th Andrew Robl - £22.847
* 14th Phil Ivey - £22.847
* 15th Marius Torbergsen - £22.847
* 16th Sondre Svanevik - £22.847

We wish him good luck for the next match!

You can discuss this new by clicking the following link: WSOPE 2010 - event highroller HeadsUp.


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