Interview with ChanMix winner TCOOP-17


Chan First, congratulations to you for your recent exploits! As a reminder, you have completed the first TCOOP-17: $ 109 NL Hold'em [1R1A], $ 300K Gtd to a grant from 97K and the second tournament at Casino de Montreal that has recently occurred.

Kidam thank you, I waited a long score, so it's really, really good.

At first, could you tell us how many players were enrolled in this tournament?

In the tournament casino, there were 80-85 players I think.

Could you give us a few words about yourself?

I'm 21 and I'm a poker player nit degenerate. Let me explain. I'm a bipolar cards (not in the sense of depression, but in the sense that I have a nit phase and a phase degenerate). There will be months when I decided to grind the NL200 online for tons of hands and risk all my profit making flips 1k hand. Basically, I'm really not a gambler, far from it, but I frequent live poker players ultra "degen", then I want to have the image of the nit that does not action.

I know it will disappoint a lot of people here, but I'm not a Chinese 100% (only 1/4). I was in high school where I was the only immigrant (Ste-Thérère_LOL), so I'm not wrong acculturated. This does not mean that I leave my home. Instead, I'll probably invest my profits cards in the shoe factories and provide employment to my brothers and cousins.

How have you found the difficulty level of this tournament?

To be honest, I always thought tournaments $ 500 $ -3000 Montreal were the most soft tournaments. For cons, I was surprised at the level of the tournament. Of the 80 players, there were at least 50 local pros. For example, the lineup of our last table before the final table: Ouimet, GabyGaby, LSP16, Engineer, Jason Lavallée (bikini wax), and Piquette Pistons87 (Highstakes player online / 5khu sng reg).

Did you know that the players you played against?

Yeah, I play a lot of live (previously online), so I met a lot throughout the world forum.

Does the fact of swapping with some players influenced your game at one time or another in the tournament?

Yeah, I swapped with great players and fortunately two of my swaps were also on the final table (and Gabygaby JPhil).

For others, I swapped with Max Villemure (Touchdasky) who finished 11th after a huge cooler against me. Hand should be posted:

Bubble time, MaxV is the second chip in, I'm chip leader (j'pense Max had 320k before hand). Blinds 3k-6k. It is UTG, I'm BB.

Raises max 12k, I 3bet to 27k (I misclick, I wanted to 31k) with QJo. Flop comes A-T-3 rainbow. I bet 37k, max calls. Turn brig. Check, check.

River K, I check, he bets 60k, I shove, he KK. Sick sick cooler. Max Villemure has really played well because he knew that I really 3bettais on the bubble and the last two tables, so he went for the max value on hand.

Unfortunately for him, I pogne ChanMix the standard (or gin) river.

I also had D0r1t0s, kfax, Jayggins and Piquette as swap (we can say that this is a solid team).

The hand that has probably made it this far in the tournament is without a doubt the one I played with Ouimet. There remained 23 players, blinds 1k-2k, 80k avg, I have a medium stack and Ouimet is chip leader with 170k. I CO, Ouimet button.

I raise 4k with A9hh Ouimet 3bets 9k, 16k total I 4bet Ouimet shove, I call. He A7o and I win the hand. Against anyone other flat I would surely my hand, but against Ouimet (with whom I have a history of crazy), I know it can spazzer vs my 4-bet, so I 4-bet for value / call.

Could you tell us a little of the final table?

Here are the final table:

Seat 1: Gaby Gaby: 135kSiege 2: Jason Lavallée: 223kSiege 3: Phil Chapdelaine: 133kSiege 4: Jonathan Driscoll: 158k Seat 5: Phil Belley: 185k Seat 6: Chanracy Khun: 630kSiege 7: Luc Lafontaine: 207kSiege 8: Vald Faubert: 116kSiege 9: Jean-Philippe Matte: 123kSiege 10: Louis Lam: 65k

I gotta admit that the final table was softer than the last table before the FT but is still very tough. I position Engineer / Lavallée and JPhil had position on me.

A hand just to show how p'tite was the FT. JPhil opens 12k (blinds 3k-6k) UTG +2, 3bets Engineer to 27k, I cold 4bet with 88 to 44k, JPhil Engineer folds and ships 180k and I fold.

The tournament structure requires to be very lag PF because antes are ridiculously too big compared to the big blind. I could build me a chip leader before the FT in 3bettant approximately 20-25% preflop, so obviously I 5bet jam much more light and call the jam as much light 4bet.

Front if I'm HU vs JPhil arrived, we had the same stack. I built my lead from the start by being very active preflop and postflop.

Then comes the biggest hand of the tournament:

Quote Owl'' After 35 minutes of game, sometimes a big hand that takes everyone a bit by surprise. Before anyone realizes, a raise, a 3bet a flop with a bet called, out of the (many) spectators of their coma, while JPhil ad carpet! Chan follows and Matte won a mega pot while its 75 beats A7 Chan on a board of T7753 (that was the real board, owl made a mistake)! It easily returns the million mark. "

I gotta say that JPhil deserved first place, he was active and enjoyed every opportunity to steal the pot preflop. It has not played a lot of HU pots together until we saw was the two big stacks and we liked better advantage of other players who would easily give more hands.

As a reminder, could you tell us about the prize awarded to the first position?

10: $ 4,185

9 $ 5020

8: $ 5,860 7:

$ 7,530

6: $ 9,205

5:11 $ 715

4: $ 15,900

3: $ 19,245

2: $ 31,795

1: $ 56,895 plus a seat for a satellite 3k and a beautiful bracelet.

JPhil won his seat in the draw, while the other seat 3k went to second. This is how j'run.

Particular anecdote about this tournament?

I have two interesting:

The first: I play live with D0r1t0s yesterday (which destroys the game as usual). We talk a little tournament and wants D0r1t0s prop bet with the odds on the table to the FT. It offers 5 1 if someone made the final table. I think about it and I decided to accept the offer and wanted to make a bet against my 5k 1k. Finally, we never did because it was unclear D0r1t0s wish a friend bust in a tournament (c'qui is quite logical).

Second anecdote:

I play chinese poker Piquette and Ouimet 2-3 days before the tournament. We play $ 25 point and I go on a heater directly And I'm up to roughly $ 800 in 30 mins. J'pogne a big downswing and 1 hour later, I'm down 1.1 k. Someone takes Ouimet HU, so he decides to stop playing and the game ends there. J'suis monster tilt as it just run when j'pogne peak of my downswing.

We decided to talk a big prop bet between us (Ouimet be up a ton lifetime against me). So I asked him to crossbook the tournament and I give him 5% markup. Crossbooker tournament means that if j'finis tournament 2nd Ouimet owes me the price of the second place; this is the opposite of swapper. Ouimet think about it and refuses.

So yes, if I had managed to get a deal with both, I would have won + the first place ;)

In addition to the first place, you have won the 1st position of a TCOOP $ 109. Would you tell us a few words about this tournament?

Two words: Run Good. This is sure to be active in these tournaments there. What is good in this tournament there is that there are many players who are too tights for the structure. So they are quite erode their stack with the blinds / antes. It is important to not take any risks poorly and often 3bet/shove.

Have you thought about making a deal on the final table?

It was thought to make a deal when he left four people, but PetjeXL wanted more. The deals on PokerStars avantagent big stacks so for me it was a good thing to make a deal. The first deal gave me 81.4 k + 6k for the win, but nobody wanted to give more PetjeXL so we continued. When I busted the 4th players, we decided to redo the deal and it gave me $ 91,500 + 6k for victory c'qui is larger than 2nd place. So I agreed and won the last $ 6,000

How have you found the difficulty level of the final table?

Much easier than the casino lol. The players were too tight and waiting for the other bust for a jump in the payout. I played for the win then I quite late in Any2 Raise 3bet and greatly opens. It worked!

What are your plans for the coming months?

I will continue to play a lot of live and do every Sunday major. For the live tournaments, I'll go to Fallsview early February for tournaments 2.5k and 5k. Then I'm going to EPT Copenhagen in Denmark.

Of course, next summer will be my first WSOP (I was too young to 2 days for the WSOP Main Event 2011), as the courier really excited to play every tournament this year.

To our knowledge, thou wast a cash game player that tournament; is that these results will influence the rest of your career?

Not really. I remain a cash game player primarily. Even the PCA, I brig quite all tournaments, but cash games and staking saved my trip.

The two scores will not change anything in my path cash game because there's really no bigger games cash games in Montreal (Thank God, the swings are already crazy enough when playing 500 BB deep-1K). I also travel a lot to track tournaments circuits (cash games are generally really good).


In Highstakes games live, the swings can be crazy. So if j'bust my roll, I will prepare a nice resume for Cheval_PL. I hope to be one of the next players chosen to be part of the team!

Thank you very much to you and good luck Chan happens next!

To follow ChanMix during his next tournament, the best way remains Twitter at @ ChanMix123.

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