Jayggins and Bebechien still in the race to WPT Canadian Spring Championship!

Yesterday, 294 players clashed at the Playground Poker Club for the WPT Canadian Spring Championship!

It was also the day's pay for many! Scholars known to the community, include Jonathan "da_engineer" Driscoll in 68th position for $6127 Will Molson in 55th position $ 7184 and Chanracy "Chanmix" Khun in 52nd position $ 8663.

Among the players who will advance to the next day, Jason "Bebechien" Duval in 7th place with 805,000 tokens and Jason Hallé in 35th place with its 192,000 tokens!

The tournament resumed at 11: 00 this morning! Before starting the tournament, the stacks were as follows:

1 Paul Theodore Klann: 1 793 000

2 Jonathan Adeola: 1 356 000

3 Joshua Jacob Field: 1 078 000

4 Amirmasoud Babakhani: 925,000

5 Brian Beggs: 851 000

6 Daniel Suied: 820 000

7 Jason Duval: 805 000

8 Derek Lerner: 775 000

9 Robin R Bergren: 741,000

10 ravi K Raghavan: 682 000

We therefore wish the best of luck to Jayggins and Bebechien for this important day!

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