July 1, 2012: Vincent Jacques spends the day #2 in the #54 and 1st day of the Big One!


Pete Vilandos won a bracelet in the event #50, Yen Dang won the tournament reserved for women, Vanessa Selbst wins his 2nd bracelet in the event of mixed poker WSOP, Hugh Henderson is leader in chips in the #53 event, Vincent Jacques passes to the 2nd day of the event #54 and Jonathan Duhamel was eliminated on the first day of the Big One for One Drop!

Event #50 of No Limit Hold'em $ 5000 - Pete Vilandos wins the bracelet!

3 players were still in the race yesterday when the action was taken. The three remaining players were: Dan Smith which had 6.6 M chips, Kyle Julius, who had 4.4 million tokens and Panayote Vilandos which had 3.9 M chips.

It was Pete Vilandos who won the bracelet and the $ 952,694 that accompany it.

In 2nd position found Kyle Julius, who won $ 589,687 and finally, in 3rd position, Dan Smith who won $ 398,943.

For Pete Vilandos, it was his first career bracelet and his 3rd Award in a WSOP tournament. It brings the total of his winnings to 1. $4M.


Event #51 Championship of No Limit Hold'em for women! ($1000) - yen Dang wins the bracelet!


Earlier that day, it was Debbie Pechac American who was leader in chips! After this third and final day of play, it was another American, Yen Dang, who won the tournament. For her performance, she pockets $ 170,587. Debbie Pechac for his part paid $ 105,586.

For Yen Dang, it was his first career award in a tournament of WSOP and his first bracelet!

Event #52 10 - Game mixed/6-max ($2500) - Vanessa Selbst wins his 2 bracelet

Before the start of the day, it was Vanessa Selbst who was leader in chips. The final duel took place between Vanessa, precisely and Michael Saltzburg and it was finally Selbst which reason his opponent!

Vanessa thus wins his 2nd bracelet in a tournament of the WSOP, his 15th career (his 4th this year) scholarship and brings the total of his WSOP earnings to 1. 1 M$. Remember that Vanessa had finished 4th in the event #2 this year for a purse of $ 161,345. Impressive!

Event #53 No-Limit hold ' em $1500 - Hugh Henderson was leader

This tournament interested us as 2 Quebeckers were still in the race! Unfortunately, neither of them was able to cross this long day of poker. Gylbert Drolet has finished the 306th $ 2.864 and Philippe Bergeron Bélanger finished 112th for a purse of $ 4,445.

At this stage, there are still 28 players remaining in the race and the leader is Hugh Henderson, which has 1.1 million chips. The winner of this tournament will win $ 737,248.

When the action resumes today for the last day of the tournament, the blinds will be at 6000/12000 with antes in 2000.

There are still 28 players in the race!

Event #54 No Limit Hold'em ($1000) - Vincent Jacques is still in the race!

3221 players participated in this tournament including several Quebeckers. Some were quickly out including Jonathan Driscoll alias Da_engineer who came out in the early stages of the tournament.

The only Quebecer still in the race is Vincent Jacques in 136th place with 28,900 tokens! Even if other Quebecers are no longer running, it should be noted however that Jonathan Roy won a scholarship of $ 1,942 finishing 282nd tournament and Rudy Blondeau finished 309th and won $ 1,942.

After a day of play, there are still 265 players. When the action repdrendra today, the blinds will be 500/1000 with antes at 100. The current leader of the tournament is Canadian Jonas Mackoff which 148,500 tokens.

Event #55, The Big One for One Drop! -Duhamel eliminated on the first day

It is yesterday that began this historic tournament at 1 M$! The 48 seats available had found takers and the tournament would be played "sold out".

Some noteworthy items. First of all, an incredible fold Mikhail Smirnov at the beginning of tournament.

The table is Js8c7s8sKs and Smirnov 700,000 chips on the river and Morgan pushes all-in for 3.4 million total. Smirnov take a few seconds to think and fold 8d8h face-up. Folder a square, you have to do!

A little later in the evening, this comic hand arrived with none other than Phil Hellmuth.

Hand involves Phil Hellmuth and Paul Phua. Phua put the River with 66 on AQ2Q6 and Hellmuth call with AQ.

Follows the following conversation:

-Rick Salomon: what?

-Chamath Palihapitiya: You have just calle with this hand? You were afraid of what?

-Rick Salomon: There is no player in this table which would not revived on the river.

-Phil Hellmuth: There is no one at this table who is called Phil Hellmuth.

-Mike Sexton: there is no one at this table who strikes hands like you.

After the day #1, there are still 37 of the 48 players registered for the tournament. Note the unfortunate disappearance of Jonathan Duhamel of this lot.

The current leader in chips is Brian Rast which 10.7 m and the smallest carpet is held by Phil Galfond which has 445,000 tokens.

The other players to be eliminated include Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi was eliminated by Mike Sexton and Eugene Katchalov of Team PokerStars was eliminated by Antonio Esfandiari which currently has 6.8 million chips.

When the action resumes today, the blinds will be at 20K / 40K with 5 K antes.

The winner of this tournament will win 18,346,673$.

To watch today

-Vincent Jacques in the event #54 so that it will be in its second day of play.

-The beginning of the #56, a No Limit Hold'em Tournament event ' $ 1500 in which we should find some Quebecers

-The second day of the tournament play history that is the Big One for One Drop where Brian Rast is cheerleader!

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