July 2, 2012: Guy Laliberté on the final table of the Big One for One Drop!

The final duel will take place today in the #53 event, 3 Quebecers are still in the race in the #56 event and the final table of the Big One for One Drop was formed yesterday! Guy Laliberté will be the other Quebecers to follow today!

Event #53 No-Limit hold ' em $1500 - the final duel will play today

When the action of this tournament has taken up yesterday, there was still 28 players in the race.

Today, after another day of game, there are only two, ready to compete for the final duel.

There are therefore only American Neil Willerson and Russian Vladimir Mefodichev in the race. Neil has 8.9 M of chips while Russian has 5, 3 m.

The winner of this tournament will win $ 737,248.

Event #54 No Limit Hold'em ($1000) - Vincent Jacques stock, but eliminated before the final table

This tournament especially interested us because the Québécois Vincent James was still in the race.

Unfortunately for him, he could not go through this day and ends finally ranked 215th for a purse of $ 2,377.

At this stage, there are still 15 players, all policyholders to win at least $ 22,640.

The winner of this tournament will win $ 500,075! When the action resumes, the blinds will be at 6000/12000 with antes in 2000.

Event #55, The Big One for One Drop! -Guy Laliberté on the final table!

After 2 days of games, we have a final table of 8 players!

Only 9 players were paid in that tournament and therefore, it was expected that the bubble is a durable. The difference between finishing 10th and finish 9th is still important; one who finished 10th a $ 0.00 while that ending 9th pockets 1, 1 M$.

Human to have finished 10th is finally Russian Ilya Bulychev. Mike Sexton has when it was more lucky finishing 9th for a purse of 1, 1 M$.

At this stage so it remains more than 8 players, all fellows and Antonio Esfandiari is leader with 39,925,000 chips and Quebec Guy Laliberté is in the comfortable position in 3rd place with 21.7 M in chips!

Also note the presence of the colorful Phil Hellmuth, still in the race, which is ranked 5th with 10.9 M tokens.

Speaking of Hellmuth, questioned on the bubble, he said: "it is the bubble the more terrifying I ever view, mainly because investors." You do not want to disappoint your friends. There are 3 billionaires who have invested in me which one that I almost do not know. You do not want to disappoint your friends".

Hellmuth does not disappoint his friends who is already assured of a profit and 1.2 million U.S. dollars. If he finishes first, it is 18,346,673$ that it will affect!

The action will resume at 12 AM Las Vegas time, i.e. 15:00 time of Quebec.

An honorable mention to Guy Laliberté in this tournament which, according to many, was far from being a favorite in this race. Excellent performance for an amateur player.

PokerCollectif follow this tournament closely today!

Event #56 of No Limit Hold'em $ 1500 - 3 Quebecers spend the 2nd day!

Another tournament which was to monitor yesterday, since this is the kind of event that attracts the Québécois judging by the number of participants. This tournament ci did not exception to the rule since on 2798 entries, there were 39 Quebec including 3 still in the race to know George Kuzmanovic 92nd ranked with 49,900 chips, Rudy "RuDyBoY X" Blondeau 121st ranked with 41,900 chips and finally Yann "Yadio" Dion 231st ranked with 20,500 chips.

The current leader is Donald Vogel who 145,200 tokens. Please note that the action of this tournament will resume at 4 p.m. Montreal time.

We wish the best of luck to our 3 Quebec still in the race!

To watch today

-The final table of the Big One for One Drop, then that Guy Laliberté is still in the race!

-Our Quebec 3 to the #56 event.

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