June 27'12: Roch Cousineau and Jonathan Duhamel will be to follow today!

wsop2012_resultatThe Grinder is leader of the Poker Players Championship, Jimmy Fradette-Dufour finished 14th in the event #46, Roch Cousineau is still among the leaders in the tournament Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better and Duhamel is still in the race in the #48 event.

Event #45: The Poker Players Championship! -The Grinder is leader in chips!

Sixteen players would only be paid in this prestigious tournament! Yesterday, Viktor Blom was leader in chips. Unfortunately for him, his race is arrested ranked 14th while he doubled his investment only.

To this day, the leader of the tournament is Michael Mizrachi with 3.6 M tokens followed by Andy Bloch to 3.5 M in chips.

It should be remembered that the winner of this tournament will receive 1.4 M US $.

There are more than 8 players and player shortstack is Bruno Titoussi with 188,000 chips.

The action will resume at 5: 00 p.m. Montreal time.

Event #46 of No Limit Hold'em $ 2500 - Jimmy Fradette-Dufour finished 14th

Puppy and Pascal LeFrançois were no longer in the tournament, but it still remained a Quebecer to follow in the race, i.e. Jimmy Fradette-Dufour.

Jimmy passed well close the bracelet, but had to stop his race ranked 14th. For his performance, he won $ 30,856.

It was Joey Weissman who won the bracelet and $ 694,609. It was for him to his 3rd purse in a tournament of WSOP and his first bracelet.

Event #47 of Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better $ 1500 - Roch Cousineau, always among the leaders!

Yesterday we followed with interest this tournament since the Quebecers Roch Cousineau was in a very good position. After another day of work, Roch is still among the leaders with 505,000 chips! It is only outranked by two players, i.e. Steven Loube in 2nd position with 947,000 tokens and Charalampos Lappas that 994,000 tokens.

When the action resumes today, the blinds will be at 6000/12000.

There are now more than 10 players in the tournament which allows us to believe that Roch Cousineau has an excellent chance of accessing the bracelet! We will follow this tournament very closely today!

Event #48 Limit Hold'em $3000 - Duhamel, still in the race!

one Quebec was included in this tournament, i.e. Jonathan Duhamel.

After a second day of work, Duhamel is currently 12th with 86,300 chips! The current leader is Paul Berende who has 331,500 tokens! When the action repdrendra today, the blinds will be 4000/8000.

There are still 20 players in this tournament, all insured scholarship $ 5,799. The winner will receive $ 165,205

The PokerCollectif team wishes the best of luck to Jonathan in his quest for a 2nd WSOP bracelet!

Event #49: Ante only No-Limit Hold'em ($1500) - no québécois crosses the 1st day

Particular tournament without blind! In each hand, all players must pay the antes. In other words, is not the ideal tournament to await her as before playing a hand!

On the 939 entries, several Quebec: Marc-Étienne "Guacamole Poker" Blais, Philippe "PhilLeDingue" Boucher, Érik Cajelais, Jonathan "Da_engineer" Driscoll, Gylbert Drolet, Jason "Jayggins" Hallée, Vincent "Vluff" Jacques, Chanracy "ChanMix" Khun Jean-Philippe "JPhil" Matte, Christopher "D0r1t0s" McClung, Marc-Étienne "General Irish" McLaughlin and Jean-Philippe "JPP" Piquette.

At this stage, there are still 110 players in the race, but unfortunately, no Quebec. The current leader of the tournament is Sameer Al Janedi which has 177,000 tokens followed by American John Hayes who has 104,400 tokens.

The winner of this tournament will win $ 256,691.

To watch today:

-Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi will add a bracelet to his already prestiguex CV of poker?

-Roch Cousineau in the event #47 so that it is in the top 3

-Jonathan Duhamel who is in a good position in the #48 event

-The beginning of a new tournament to Hold' no limit to $ 5,000. What is this tournament will draw as much of Quebec than other tournaments of its kind?

You can discuss each of these tournaments on our forums by clicking on the individual tournaments:

Event #45: The Poker Players Championship!

Event #46 of No Limit Hold'em to $ 2500

Event #47 of Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better at $ 1500

Event #48 Limit Hold'em $3000

Event #49: Ante only No-Limit Hold'em



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