Last game tonight (May 21), $ 6600 in prizes!

Thursday 21 may, will be the last match of the PokerCollectif 2009 spring League! Therefore, your last chance to win your place in the great final!
Here is the information on the next game:

Place: Everest Poker
Tournament name: Poker collective
Time: 23:30 * 19:30 for Quebec and 01:30 for the France.
Password: drovert
Entrance fee *: $ 10 + $ 1

You will find this tournament at Everest Poker by clicking SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT, then PRIVATE. The tournament will be held at 23: 30 GMT (7:30 pm 21 may for the people of Quebec or 01:30 on 22 may for European members).

VOU don't have to win one game during the season for you ensuring a place in the final.You'll therefore 10 chances to get in the final and win one of the two (2) packages with a value of US $ 3,000 each. In addition to the packages, we will add $ 600 in "ticket gold" on Everest Poker, so that $6600 will be given during this great final!
See the following links for more information:

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