League 2009: Before last game this Sunday!

The next match of the League will take place this Sunday, January 24, 2010. There are more than two match to qualify for the finals!

With the addition of a total value of $ 9000, PokerCollectif League is definitely an event not to be missed! This is the simplest way to end up at the WSOP 2010 in Las Vegas or the SPT in Spain!

It is therefore visit this Sunday, January 24!

Information on the next game:

Place: Everest Poker
Tournament name: Poker collective
Time: 19 h 30 GMT, * 14:30 for Quebec and 20:30 for the France.
Password: DRASK546
Entrance fee *: $ 10 + $ 1

You will find this tournament at Everest Poker by clicking SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT, then PRIVATE. The tournament will take place at 19: 30 GMT.

* The entrance fee is added to the Pricepool of the match in question. If there are 50 participants, players distribute so $ 500 in prizes and the winner will also ensure its presence in the season finale.

For the fall 2009 edition, you have the chance to win choice, one of the three (3) package for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas or for the Spanish Poker Tour (SPT) in Spain! A total value of $ 9,000 in prizes!


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