League 2009: Match #3 this Sunday, November 15.

We apologize for the problem of last week regarding the password of the League. Unfortunately, this match had to be cancelled and we décalerons the finale of a week.

In order to forgive, we will add an additional $ 150 to the pricepool of the match on 15 November: $ 100 will be added to the player finishing 2nd and $ 50 will be added to the player finishing 3rd.

The PokerCollectif League definitely has one of the best values on the net. In the last match, 40 participants saw themselves share worth $ 1300 in price, then the tournament cost $ 11. Therefore, a tournament with a value of almost $ 33 for the lean cost $ 11. A poker player should always try to make decisions "EV +"... and the PokerCollectif League is definitely one of the tournaments with the best EV +!

With the addition of a total value of $ 1,050 (900 + 150) in the next game, is definitely an event not to be missed! League PokerCollectif, this is the easiest way to meet at the WSOP 2010 in Las Vegas or the SPT in Spain!

It is therefore visit this Sunday, November 15!

Information on the next game:

Place: Everest Poker
Tournament name: Poker collective
Time: 19 h 30 GMT, * 14:30 for Quebec and 20:30 for the France.
Password: POALERJ2
Entrance fee *: $ 10 + $ 1

You will find this tournament at Everest Poker by clicking SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT, then PRIVATE. The tournament will take place at 19: 30 GMT.

* The entrance fee is added to the Pricepool of the match in question. If there are 50 participants, players distribute so $ 500 in prizes and the winner will also ensure its presence in the season finale.

For the fall 2009 edition, you have the chance to win choice, one of the three (3) package for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas or for the Spanish Poker Tour (SPT) in Spain! A total value of $ 9,000 in prizes!

Using the same formula as the previous season, you don't have to win one game during the season for you ensuring a place in the grand final. You have therefore 10 chances to get in the final and win one of the three (3) packages with a value of US $ 3,000 each.

To register, nothing simpler: register your nick PokerCollectif as well as your screenname Everest Poker here: League fall 2009 - entries and join us this Sunday at Everest Poker!

Pleased to see on one of the 8 fall League games tables!

See the following links for more information:

* League fall 2009 - regulations
* League fall 2009 - Calendar
* Questions & answers League fall 2009

Everest Poker will have many exclusive promotions for the players who are registered via PokerCollectif. In addition toa bonus of $ 500 progressive accessible to all players, regardless of their limit, players will have access to exclusive freerolls and rakeraces at PokerCollectif.


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