League 2009: Result of the match #9

Here are the results from the front last game of the season:

1. MM$$
2. Xray47
3. Snowman
4. Sashmtl
5 Caz
6. Taylor
8 Cocci10
9. benomg2000
10. propoker62

Congratulations to MM$ $ and venue - the week next to the last game of the season!

Players who have won their place in the final: gorafull, Nito, pdebrosse96, chestersmart, syllousse, dahboss, jayggins, RiverfeverAA and MM$ $

Poker Strategy

New book: Jonathan Little on the cash games lives

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A new book just published by D & B: Jonathan Little We Live No-Limit Cash Games 2 - The practice As you will have divine, the 400-page book deals for cash games lives, but in a very practical way. What we mean by "practice" is that it is the presentation of…