Marc-Étienne McLaughlin finished 7th event #55

Event #55: No-Limit Hold'em ($1,500)

Marc-Étienne was among the last players still alive in the tournament. He approached the final table at the beginning of the day. This first step has been successful for him as it arrived at the final table with the average in chips.

We describe not all hands, but as in many tournaments, Marc-Étienne has experienced a roller coaster. He also lost a relatively large pot against a square in the middle of his career on the final table. He also lost a big pot with a flush to ACE against a full.

In his last hand, Marc-Étienne is shortstack and shoot A9 of the cutoff. It is called by KQ which strikes a pair and wins the hand.

The Irish General ends so 7th to 2,396 entries for a prize of $ 73,781. It will obviously be to follow closely in the main event.

The tournament was eventually won by Asi Moshe, who earned $ 582,321. It was for him to his first bracelet.

Event #56: No-Limit Hold'em ($1,000)

There are now 16 players in this tournament on 2,525 initial entries. The tournament is dominated by Raymond Henson having 897,000 tokens. The tournament is scheduled to end today. The winner will receive $ 403,483.

Event #57: The Big One for One Drop ($ 1,000,000)

The prestigious tournament was yesterday. After the day's game, it remains more than 9 players on 42 registrants. Today will be crucial since only 8 of those 9 players will be stock. Paul Newey is shortstack with 4 M chips while Rick Salomon is the leader with 23.5 M tokens. Note that Daniel Negreanu is 4th with 20.7 M tokens.

The action will resume today is the players will play for a first prize of 15, 3 m$.

Event #58: No-Limit Hold'em Mixed Max ($1,500)

1,475 players participated in this tournament of Mixed Max $ 1,500. At the time of this writing, 181 players are still in the race with only Quebecers for today, FrenchDawg (Marc-André Ladouceur).

Marc-André is currently 125th with 23,700 chips. At this stage, there are 181 players while 162 will be paid. We wish the best of luck Marc-André for the rest of his tournament.

Event #59: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better ($3,000)

457 players participated in this tournament to $ 3,000. After the day of yesterday, 180 players are still in the race while 54 will be paid.

The tournament is currently dominated by Marvin Rosen that 75,300 tokens.

The winner of the tournament will win $ 286,976. No Quebecers will be attending unfortunately.

To watch today:

Marc-André Ladouceur in Mixed Max tournament to $ 1,500.
Daniel Negreanu in the Big One for One Drop, that could well win an another bracelet.
The beginning of a tournament No-Limit Hold'em to $ 1,500.

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