Nothing goes for Ziigmund

ziigmund-1_3.jpgThings do not go well for Ilari Sahamies, alias Ziigmund. In its last 24 sessions on Full Tilt Poker, it had only 9 winners. On sessions of approximately 181 hands each, it displays an average loss of $ 34,219 per session for a total of 816 K losses in 4344 hands. Anything to help the confidence of those whose confidence is far from being at its worst since 1 year.

Who already was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on Full Tilt Poker show to date of loss of 4.4 M from $ according to PokerTableRating. Last December he even known a day leaving it lighter 2 m $. With its recent sessions, is nothing to him restore confidence.

On his Facebook page, he commented on the situation: "I have my slap of poker, this is the worst loss of my career. This is classic: it has no desire to play, but we continue to play, whatever happens. »

The misfortune of each sometimes makes the happiness of others. This time, the misfortune of Ziigmund must make the happiness of Gus Hansen who is richer $ 500,000 since October last with the Finns. The majority of this amount has been lost in Pot Limit Omaha.

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