Philippe "PhilLeDingue" Boucher leads WPT Canadian Spring Championship!

Yesterday marked the start of the Party Poker WPT Canadian Spring Championship at the Playground Poker Club!

Recall that it was the day 1A of the tournament buy-in of $ 3000 + $300! The players started with 30,000 in chips and the blinds were 60 minutes!

At the end of the day, this is Philippe "PhilLeDingue" butcher who was leader! After this day of game, there were 79 players and Phil was good first with his 278,100 chips ahead of Jeff Gross who was 232,800 tokens!

Today is currently played on day 1 b of this tournament!

For more details on this tournament series, you can look an article PokerCollectif has published on the subject a few days ago.

Here is the list of the other leaders with the number of their tokens:

Philippe Boucher - 278.100
Jeff Gross - 232.800
Danny Suled - 190,000
Upeshka Manishan Silva - 184.500
Christian Harder - 176.600
Farid Jattin - 161,000
Poorya Nazari - 156,000
Martin Raus - 144.600
Bryan Piccioll - 123.700
Kara Scott - 121.500

We wish the best luck PokerCollectif players who will participate in the day 1 b and give you more details tomorrow in the day! With PhilLeDingue among leaders, this tournament will be very interesting to follow!

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