Poker Stars launches the "New Women s Poker League"


This is not because poker is a "sport" of guys not interested girls. PokerStars has understood it and it is not for nothing that there are also girls in their Team pros. Even though these represent only 3 to 5% of the pool of players, they must not be forgotten so far.

This is why PokerStars recently launched its "New Women's Poker League" (its women's poker League).

The League which will be held until the end of the year will have tournaments with low costs of entry, is $ 5.50. The player who has accumulated the most points during the month will be awarded prize money as well as a 'Ladies Luxury Event package'.

The tournaments will take place daily at 1:10 pm and 9:10 pm Eastern time. The player in first place will receive 20 points, the following players will receive points until the ninth place (good for 10 points). All players who participate will receive a point that will count for their final score. The player at the head of each classification will receive $300. Prizes will be awarded from the first to the 50th position. At the end of the year, yet most important prizes will be awarded to the players with the most participated in tournaments. The best player will receive $1500 and a "Ladies Luxury Event" award. The player in second place meanwhile will receive $1000.

For more details, see the PokerStars site at the following address:

Speaking of women, here is the list of women who have won the most money poker career.


Number 1: Kathy Liebert with $ 5 717 426

Number 2: Annie Duke with 4 270 $549

Number 3: Annette Obrestad with $ 136 3,532

Number 4: Vanessa Rousso with $ 639 2,589

Number 5: Jennifer Harman with $ 2 609 264

Number 6: Joanne "JJ" Liu with $ 2 412 478

Number 7: Liv Boeree with $ 1 951 353

Number 8: Vanessa Selbst with $ 1 700 374

Number 9: Mimi Tran with $ 1 639 117

Number 10: Clonie Gowen with $ 639 1,064

Interestingly, Kathy Liebert arrived in 41st position of top individuals (men/women) having won the most money to life in tournaments.

Discuss this news on the forum by clicking the following link:for women only at PokerStars poker League.




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