Update WCOOP and WSOPE

The WCOOP pull at their end; yesterday, we were treated to the final table of 8 Games. The Québécois known Kirb on PokerCollectif was on the final table.

Kirb first created the uproar earlier by delaying purposefully tournament where players played the 2-7 Tripledraw Limit. Daniel Negreanu was particularly insulted by this strategy employed by Kirb: Negreanu once earned Tripledraw bracelet and he is the author of the Tripledraw section in the famous book of poker ' Super System 2 "by Doyle Brunson. You can also find the conversation between Negreanu and Kirb in our article yesterday .

Quickly, the members of the various communities took advantage to Kirb or Daniel Negreanu. He hoped that karma will assume responsibility for Kirb. Unfortunately for Negreanu, karma seems rather have leaned on the side of Kirb, who ended up in the final against team PokerStars pro "Kravchenko" player. Negreanu, for its part, had to settle for 11th place.


Once on the final table, Kirb has quickly managed to compete the game, to the point that he found himself in first place for a period of time.  Unfortunately for Kirb, things are a little tempered during the variant of the No-Limit Hold'Em, where Kravchenko was able to take a good lead while there remained only 3 players,.

Once "nachobarbero" eliminated in 3rd place, Kravchenko attempted to negotiate an agreement Rhine 262 k to Kirb. He wanted more, and the agreement fell to the water.

It could easily fall to the advantage of Kirb which in Pot-Limit Omaha, found himself all-in with the best possible hand at this time: the straight! Kravchenko, him, had strangely as a draw to the color.The turn added a draw in the fifth for Kravchenko and river completa subsequently. Unfortunately for Kirb (who was then 55%-bookmark), he was able to avoid the flush but an unlikely draw in the fifth it was fatal.

Kirb nevertheless pockets $ 232,000.

You can discuss this game by clicking the following link: WCOOP 2010-8-Game Event.

On the side of the 2010 WSOPE main event is still ongoing. Québécois Rudy Blondeau have been eliminated on the bubble and Arnaud Mattern who was eliminated in 11th place, still Marc Inizan and Nicolas Levi remained to defend the francophonie! Inizan unfortunately was the first to be eliminated on the final table; Nicolas Levi, on his side, has lost a flip by going all in preflop with 99 vs. the Lee KQo. The Blackboard flop added a color drawing to Levi, but the turn, a K, gave him a pair who left Levi with one out: the 9 of spades. Unfortunately, the river did not bring the long-awaited miracle, and Levi had to settle for a 5th place and £ 208 119.

For the moment, there are only 3 players: Ronald Lee (6.7 m in chips), Fabrizio Baldassari (2. 3 m in chips) and James Bord (1.2 m in chips).

You can follow the developments of this tournament on the forum by clicking the following link: WSOPE 2010 - Main Event




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