WSOP 2013: 3467 players took part in day 1 c

Event #62 - Hold'em no limit (Main Event $ 10,000)

Yesterday was day 1 c of this tournament which has attracted 3467 players. In total, it is therefore 6352 players who have taken part in the main event.

Yesterday, several Quebec participated in this day 1 c and several were therefore added to the list of players who will move to the next round.

Here is the list of surviving Quebecers to their day 1 A, 1 B or 1 c:

Marc Carpenter-Perreault (155,250)
Miguel Proulx (150,500)
Jean-Philippe Matte (128,625)
Jonathan Driscoll (112,650)
Kyle Khoury (106,075)
Patrick "Patnitrof" Fortin (87,650)
Guillaume Rivet (84,400)
James Hudson (81,925)
Armenak Kizirian (81,000)
Yann Duchesneau (70,725)
Yann "Yadio" Dion (70,450)
Roch Cousineau (72,550)
Sam Chartier (69.575)
Bruno Fortin (62,300)
Pascal 'Pass' Lefrançois (60,700)
Friend Alibay (58,800)
Vincent Jacques (54,650)
Patrick "kfax" Braga (52,550)
Frederick Lee (51,575)
Samuel "eqn778" Gagnon (49,900)
Benoit Galland (48,625)
Jason Kastner (46,225)
Marc-Étienne "GuacamolePoker" Blais (45,650)
Marc-Étienne "GénéralIrish" McLaughlin (45,300)
Jonathan "Brendl" Roy (44,900)
Shawn Hattem (44,750)
Carlo Nini (40,475)
Garen Nichanian (44,025)
Philippe Belley (42,375)
Charles Flicker (41,475)
Stéphane Lacas (39,600)
Guillaume Gignac (38,325)
Jean-François "benomg2000" Brûlé (35,800)
Derek Lerner (35,325)
Laurence "Sharon" Grondin (35,325)
Alain Cup (34,625)
Yifan Dong (34.100)
Jean-Philippe "JPP" Piquette (32,050)
Erik Cajelais (31,625)
Omri Moga (30,800)
Jeff side (29,750)
Julien "Jaedae" Fauteux (29,400)
Jean de Larosière (27,825)
André Boyer (25,000)
Dimitrios Passias (24,425)
Jimmy Fortier (20,925)
Jason Hallée (20,900)
Sean Grover (18,475)
Jiachen Gond (15,950)
Sterling Toth (14,750)
Moses Daddario (14,000)
Jeff Hakim (12,000)
Christopher "D0r1t0s" McClung (11,575)
Jean-Christophe "Ahmad" Ferreira (9575)
Marc-André "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur (9,400)

6352 registrations for this tournament have generated a total in 59,708,800$ awards. The winner will receive 8,359,531$ in addition to a bracelet with a value of $ 500,000!

The American Mark Kroon este tournament currently playmaker who has 246,900 tokens. Include the presence near the leader of Michael Mizrachi with 176,100 chips.

Today, we will find players who survived day 1 A and 1 B. All players will be mixed to play this day. Tomorrow will be day 2 c. Each day will include 5 levels and the days will begin at noon time in Vegas.

Remember that following Quebecers were survivors of the days 1 A or 1 B and will follow today:

James Hudson
Roch Cousineau
Pascal 'Pass' Lefrançois
Stéphane Lacas
Jean-François "benomg2000" Brûlé
Julien "Jaedae" Fauteux
André Boyer
Sean Grover
Miguel Proulx
Armenak Kizirian
Sam Chartier
Vincent Jacques
Patrick "kfax" Braga
Samuel "eqn778" Gagnon
Marc-Étienne "GuacamolePoker" Blais
Marc-Étienne "GénéralIrish" McLaughlin
Jonathan "Brendl" Roy
Garen Nichanian
Philippe Belley
Guillaume Gignac
Laurence "Sharon" Grondin
Omri Moga
Dimitrios Passias
Jiachen Gond
Marc-André "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur

Discuss the performance of Quebecers to the WSOP on PokerCollectif forums: WSOP 2013: WSOP 2013: 3467 players took part in day 1 c


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