WSOP 2013: Esfandiari again win One Drop?

Event #45 - Hold'em no-limit ante only ($1500)

At the beginning of the day yesterday, it remained more than 9 finalists in this tournament.

After a day of play, it was Ben Volpe who came to grips with 8 other rivals to put the hand on the $201,399.

For him, it was his first career bracelet and its 8th award in a WSOP tournament.

Event #46-Pot Limit Omaha-8 ($3000)

17 players would compete for the $279,094. After several hours of play, it is Russian Vladimir Shchemelev who eventually won the bracelet and $ 279,094.

For this operator of Bank of St. Petersburg, it was his 1st career bracelet and his 16th purse in a WSOP tournament. It brings the total of his earnings to more than 1. $7M.

Event #47-One Drop High Rollers Hold'em no limit ($111,111)

After 2 days of game, 26 players are still in the race. At the top of the standings, found Martin Jacobson with its 3.2 M of tokens.

A little further down, to the 5th rank, a name that you will be familiar: Antonio Esfandiari! As a reminder, Antonio is the big winner of the 18 M$ last year at the same tournament, but at 1. 1 M$ of buyin that one!

With this award, Antonio became the biggest winner in terms of money of the history of poker ahead of all the big names (Ivey, Negreanu, Seidel, etc).

The bubble is very close as 24 players will be paid. The winner of the tournament Meanwhile put the hand on 4. 8 M$.

Event #48 - Hold'em 6-max limit ($2500)

During this tournament, our eyes were riveted on the Québécois Jeff Hakim. Unfortunately for Hakim, he could not move to the next day and rata by the fact even paid places.

At this stage, only 12 players in the race led by Danny the with his 421,000 chips.

The 12 players will vie for the bracelet and a 1st place $ 206,796.

Event #49 - Hold'em no limit ($1500)

2247 players participated in this tournament ' no limit to $ 1500. Among them, once again, many québécois, of which only 1 is still in the race: Robert Bonneau of Montreal is in 11th position with 86,500 tokens.

The tournament is currently dominated by American Yun Lo, which has 140,000 tokens.

Therefore we follow today the Montrealers in its race to the bracelet and the $ 546,080 grant.

Event #50-10 - game Mix 6-max ($2500)

Less popular than Hold'em tournaments ' em, this tournament has attracted 372 players. After the first day of play, Howard Smith English is 1 with his 61,625 chips.

No Quebec is among the players, but the Canadian Benjamin Dobson is ranked 7th with 42,700 chips.

The winner of the event receives $ 220,061.

To watch today: the tournament One Drop! Antonio Esfandiari will repeat his feat of last year and win the tournament One Drop?

Event #49 in which appears the Montreal Robert Bonneau. We wish him the best of luck for his day today.

We will also be watching the beginning of a Hold'em Tournament ' no limit $ 6 - max to 25,000. Let us hope that the caliber will be more relieved than in the majority of the WSOP tournaments.

To discuss the performance of Quebecers to the WSOP 2013, use our discussion forums: WSOP 2013: Esfandiari again win One Drop?


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