PokerCollectif, DekHockey Champion!

After a season of 10 wins, 6 defeats and 2 null where PokerCollectif de DekHockey team was able to demonstrate the best as the worst, the PokerCollectif team won the Championship thanks to a faultless in playoffs.

Guided by offensive contributions to the attack on Xavier 'Gazou007' Jutras (6 b - 2 p), Philippe 'Philipoune' Lefrançois (4 b - 3 p, including 2 game-winning goals) and Samuel 'eqn778' Gagnon (5 b - p; 1 winning goal), the PokerCollectif team has completed a course perfect among other things eliminating a team that was undefeated during the regular season.

The team thus won the Championship after his second season only. Congratulations!

You are a hockey player in the Quebec City region? Looking for a team? Contact Sebasdess! We will be back, both for the summer season than the season this fall and are sometimes looking for players regular and/or replacements.
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In the photo, from left to right:
3rd row: Ludovic 'the coach' Lachance (theplux); Auteuil Philippe (Takechip), Yannick Blanchette, David Chabot (Chabz2001).
2nd row: Daniel Nadeau (Actizol), Bryan Dumas (holtnfrew), Xavier Jutras (Gazou007), Alexandre Michaud (Mito), Kevin Gagnon, Jean-Michel Fournier
1st row: Philippe Lefrancois (Philipoune), Pascal 'captain' burnt (pdebrosse96), Sébastien Dessureault (sebasdess), Samuel Gagnon (eqn778), Steven Tessier.
Missing in the photo: Miguel Proulx (Mig); Félix Duval, Pier-Luc Trudel (Facekche), Jean-Philippe Auger; Speedy recovery to Félix Duval (ankle injury) and Jean-Philippe Auger (multiple fractures at the ankle) which unfortunately injured this season.


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