Some pros give us advice on the game of seduction

We all know the saying, "Lucky game, unhappy in love." But I got to thinking that good at poker could also translate into good to the game of love. As the Saint-Valentin approach, I went interview a few pros including Joseph Hachem, Chad Brown, Isabelle Mercier, and Hevad Kahn, to see how they use their poker strategies to succeed in love.

"What advice would you give to someone who wants to seduce? The strategy of the game of poker can be used to seduce? »

Here are the answers in their own words.


"Play in a conventional manner is very important to maximize your profits. By example, if you're the type to eat steak and potatoes, be clear on this point. In addition, don't put all your cards on the table. Keep some close to your heart and not reveal them until later in the game. You do not need to talk to him about your ingrown nail from your first meeting. »


"Being impossible to read is the ideal strategy in love. "Let your partner in doubt and he will want to know more about you because it will be uncertain about what you think of him and what you want."

"What is the game of seduction makes you better at poker or is poker makes you better at the game of seduction? ''


"I was a much better Minesweeper as poker player in my years. I think that love as poker, much is learned by trial and error. »


"Poker makes you better to read situations, be it in love, business or with friends. It allows you to be one step ahead on everything. "


"The game of seduction makes me no better poker. I spent much time in recent years to try to be a better Minesweeper and a better player poker and I realized that the two had this in common. the self-confidence. Several of my friends who have a lot of success with girls are, on a poker table, big fish. Good poker player will have to have a lot of mathematical knowledge in addition to be very patient and it's qualities that these friends do not have."

What is the biggest "tell" that people give in love?


"The tell that you have is if she is interested in you. Several women, consciously or unconsciously, are often something to test with at the outset. You must decide if you want to spend and if you can pass. For example, is she uses her cellphone during the meal while it is not so urgent? Perhaps is trying to test you to see what kind of guy you are."


"The biggest tell that people give is the posture of their body. In Seoul, South Korea, the night life is everywhere and it is also very engaging. When you go out in the clubs and you are Americans, it will be common to have problems with the language barrier if you don't speak Korean and daughter do not speak English. So instead of him talking to know whether or not she is interested, watching the posture of her body to determine his level of interest. "


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